For users that would like to create more robust analysis by attributing items and stores, you have that option as well. Attach attributes to your retail locations to get the full picture. Company Who is WinRep? Hundreds of manufacturer’s rep firms across the country utilize WinRep software to save money and time while increasing their profits. WinRep is a Web-based enterprise PIM personal information management , CRM customer relationship management , SFA sales force automation , MRM manufacturer’s rep management and EDI electronic data interchange system, enabling manufacturer’s rep firms to organize and manage all of their customer information.

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How difficult was the interview at Winrep Software? Ad hoc data exports. Thanks for providing information about your experience with Winrep Software.

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We were the first to provide a fully integrated web-based system to manage every aspect of a manufacturer’s rep’s business. Company Company Job Listings. If your customer isn’t EDI compliant winrep software your supplier is, orders can be entered into WinRep and outbound EDI orders can be created and sent directly to your suppliers. We take over the tasks of retrieving the raw EDI, translating the documents and automatically importing these orders and invoices to the WinRep program.


What if we already use EDI? Scalable features and services.

Winrep Software

At the head wunrep the company is a CEO. What training do you offer? We understand that because we’ve been providing software solutions for manufacturer’s rep firms for over 20 years.

Standard reports and those you build on your own can be saved and shared within our hosted environment and shared with others on your team.

It’s the winrep software thing we do and we take our commitment to you very seriously. Inwe evolved the WinRep system to the Web to offer more flexibility for the mobile workforce and to eliminate the expense and hassles of maintaining in-house systems. Web-based software provides a variety winrep software benefits to manufacturer’s rep firms over traditional software: We softwate your WinRep implementation is productive and moves as quickly as possible by providing everything you will needs to go live, to include: I have never claimed to be the only source of CRM software reviews.

Vizualizations Store Level Data Collection. We really need softwarw hot sales leads!

If your supplier isn’t compliant, we give you the ability to receive original EDI documents from wineep customers, which you can then pass onto your suppliers in a PDF or Excel document by email directly from WinRep. WinRep phone support lines are staffed 8: Unlike many software companies that pick a winrep software language and stay with it for years beyond it useful life, we are able to adapt and change as technologies change.


Discuss your winrep software with our sales softwate today.

We can no longer rely on store softwaee to grow item sales. Thorough online training sessions with WinRep experts are included in the setup and implementation fee and ongoing telephone support is available.

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What winrep software my winrep software or supplier isn’t EDI compliant? What kind of reports be created? WinRep has consistently provided leading technologies to manufacturer’s reps. WinRep is a Web-based enterprise PIM personal information managementCRM customer relationship managementSFA sales force automationMRM manufacturer’s rep management and EDI electronic data interchange system, enabling manufacturer’s rep firms to organize and manage all of their customer information.

What is the WinRep commitment to keep up on current technologies? It can be hard to make sense of it all. Why should I get EDI?

Whether you have only a few reps or more than two dozen, you’ll be able to realize gains from the software quickly. Winrep Software Top Locations. Dig deeper with store-level analysis.