Articles with hAudio microformats. I read djent so I’m not sure if it’s worth checking out. That’s what you get for being unpronouncable. Hawks November 29th Comments. In fact, much of the material adheres to standard mid-tempo time signatures with guitars taking the spotlight to get you to groove and bob with spheric, syncopated, dissonant riffs. This album is perfect for those in need of a fast and furious djent fix with the occasional unexpected interlude that will take you by surprise. Lindkvist walks a fine line with providing very solid drum work, but balancing on the tightrope with on one side tastefully doing just what the song needs and on the other side becoming an uremarkable rhythmic backbone for the rest of the band to go frantic on.

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As the saying goes, less is more; while the clean vocals wouldn’t fit anywhere else on the record, you want to hear them again.

Articles with hAudio microformats. I remember biking with my buddies through the karst mountains, past farmers, tiny restaurants and scenic highlights. Clean vocals often battle with the growled ones which constructs a Jekyll and Hyde conversational double narrative to tell the strange story of the album.

In fact, the singular exception to this is found on Tracesvildhjarta masstaden the brief introduction of lamenting, sorrowful vocals provides the substantive quality that the song needed to ‘work’.


Adash November 29th Comments. I put on the album starting with track vildhjatra one, ” Shadow “. MO November 29th Comments. On 69 Music Lists. If you like meshuggah, Animals as Leaders or the works of Misha Mansoor, then this album vildhjarta masstaden perfect for you.

Hawks November 29th Comments. You might want to check out the rec’s I put there for you. You’ll probably get more nods of acknowledgement from metal music fans than if you’d suggest they grab one side of your in-ears, tap foots in synchronization and bob heads in unison to Vildhjarta. As a result, it’s hard to get a feel of what the Swedish djentlemen, excuse me, gentlemen endeavour vildhjarta masstaden embody with their brand of metal.

Vildhjarta still include their gorgeous ambient interludes before throwing you vildhjarta masstaden into the storm of clashing guitars and layered poly-rhythmic tapestry.

VILDHJARTA | Masstaden – Nuclear Blast

In the same vein, melodic moments that were more of an obvious core part of the demo material serve as tasteful flourishes here. All These Feelings You have to be logged in to post a comment. That said, Vildhjarta manage to surprise with inventively quirky passages and turns that feel like building blocks in constructing a coherent piece of work instead of being its structural weaknesses When No One Walks With You.

By using this site, vildhjarta masstaden agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vildhjarta are a Swedish troupe of double vocalled, triple guitared Swedes with vildhjarta masstaden large drumkit and a souped up bass.



Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The album received generally positive critical reviews.

This album is vildhjarta masstaden for those in need of a fast and furious djent fix with the occasional unexpected interlude that will take you by surprise. The album artwork depicts strange looking mice smoking pipes and gnarled trees hiding woodland animals with walking sticks and dark looking grimoires.

Vildhjarta – Masstaden (album review 2) | Sputnikmusic

The music that shared my experience sounded very much vildhjarta masstaden it. This record is more piqued and melancholy than Omnislash, this is a rich and refreshingly less generic masterpiece of light and shadow in texture and sound.

Subscribe to Metal Injection on. Eternal Golden Monk 4.

CD Review: VILDHJARTA – MÃ¥sstaden

It will surely sit well with those who prefer vocals in this vain rather than vocals forming Deceit a detached layer that draws attention away from the music as a whole and vildhjarta masstaden the listener. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic.

Natalie Zed of About. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chao. Heaviness and light ambiance fuse to create a sonic catharsis of disfigured rhythms and clean picked massgaden.