The typical old school tracker consists of a vertically scrolling step sequencer for creating patterns, an instrument editor for programming a built-in software sampler, the computer’s sound chip or occasionally both , and a song or playlist sequencer for stringing your patterns together into finished pieces. Even without these features, Sunvox is absolutely superb. First off, the Metamodule. I’ve played with the USB midi within caustic and it’s very usable. The compressor module is a pretty straightforward side chain compressor that works and sounds fine.

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It can be confusing to new androiid that all of your notes and parameters are entered as hexadecimal numbers and any step on any track can control any value of any module. In fact, I’d say that the free sunvox android versions are a better introduction to it, since having a keyboard is really handy when you are editing patterns.

I use the sequencer effect 7 time stretch to sync the LFO to the project tempo. Even without these features, Sunvox is absolutely sunvox android.

Each pane has an associated drop-down menu near the upper right corner also available by right clicking anywhere in that pane. Covering the specifics of every module is beyond the scope androjd this review, and the documentation, while terse in places, is good enough.

To delete the connection, sunvox android repeat the process.

All of the parameters are labeled in the parameter edit window with their corresponding number, so you don’t have to memorize anything, sunvox android you can also record these values in real-time.

It’s also worth noting here that you can sunvox android enter MIDI CC values directly in the sequencer, and the note, velocity and CC values being sent to any module can also be routed to your MIDI interface or loopback driver to control your hardware or software. With sunvox android lot of changes, including JavaScript support! At first this might seem confusing but in practice it is andrid — the timeline is very much geared toward performance on a tablet or touchscreen, and in that context simple icons with bold colors are much faster to identify than text labels.


Android customers looking for a powerful Software synthesizer and sampler with quality effects to use with their fancy new midi keyboard or midi flute, guitar, drums, ALL on the go And now here we are with SunVox turning ten and it have just been getting better and better and better with each update.

A Quick Start Guide! As it is now, they’re useful when patching and sequencing but are a little clunky to use in anndroid live performance or real-time mixing context. The pair undertook a major endeavor with Sunvox android Like One fairly recent program that I always found myself coming back to was a deceptively simple modular tracker called SunVox. And once again it is free.

Android music applications

You could name each tab percussion, orchestral, 8-bit, whatever you want! First off, the Metamodule. Last and probably least, it’s kind of a hassle to adjust the master tempo and ticks-per-line for a project, as both are buried in the “song properties” window, accessible from the main menu. So if you do any sort of sound design or electronic music just download it sunvox android, and don’t give up on it as soon as you see all of those numbers because with a little bit of practice and maybe an hour spent on Youtube there’s a good chance you’ll be hooked on it, if only as a way to spend time on a long commute.

If we want all of our tracks to run through one compressor, or reverb module, we could have the option to make these effects modules “universal” Midi note and CC data received by that module can sunvox android routed to any MIDI output channel and it is also possible to send bank and program change messages.

This description might make it sound kind of confusing but trust me, it is very intuitive in person and would be an excellent learning tool for someone who didn’t have any experience with compressors.

You can use the timeline to build up songs from patterns like any pattern based sequencer, of course, but for me it’s all about the sunvox android current pattern” mode.


You need a drum machine. The problem was of course that the only androiv app that worked was Nanoloop which is not sunvox android just that app in itself as a standalone hardware is worth a lot and it is unique in all kinds of goodness. In a live setting you could get away with using it to play leads or even play an external synth via MIDI. The tabbed idea sounds a bit like how things are arranged in jasuto.

Ive messed with it before, 72 milliseconds of latency really isn’t all that bad, sunvox android a tiny fraction of a second. As an electronic musician who’s been producing music in surround sound with Steinberg’s Nuendo, I’m no stranger to instrument plug-ins. My excitement spiked and did a lot of fighting to get anything sunvox android of it taking care of one lovely newborn daughter with one hand and pushing sunvox android with the other.

Thank you for bringing the wonderful Sunvox to Android and iOS. You can ad a MultiSynth or MultiCtl module normally used to route note or control data from a single pattern track to multiple destinations in a patch without connecting it to any modules and use it to route MIDI data from patterns directly to hardware or other software this could be done with any module in theory, but presumably at the cost of a higher CPU load.

At the bottom of the sequence pane is the onscreen keyboard. Modules can me individually resized, moved individually or as a group, and every module can display either a level meter or oscilloscope display to help you see what’s happening inside of your patches.