It was their adeptness with the Internet that got them recognition in , though. He was appearing in the final scene of the day. They grew up within blocks of each other in North Oakland, and when Mondre’s mom moved out of the city, he began staying with Squadda. But it looks like they’re bound for bigger studios. News – January 3, 3: He held a cigarette with a paper clip stuck inside — the trick used in Pink Floyd’s The Wall — to keep the ash hanging on while the paper burnt away. Best of the East Bay.

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TV screens in the windows, a recording booth in the mezzanine. Such details are decided through rows “verging on fisticuffs”.

News – January 3, News – December 28, It’s easy to imagine those grins pinned to their faces as they rap. News – January 2, It was a prop for a music video that he’d been posing for all day, and he squqdda dead tired, ready to wrap. December 21, Music. That’s also when they were first introduced to Shady Blaze, a slightly older Oakland rapper who’s now a crucial part of Green Ova.

Squadda B, Back $ellin’ Crack | New Music | Impose Magazine

They’ve worked with the year’s most critically acclaimed new up-and-comers, part of an expansive underground scene. Oakland Symphony Is in a State of Transition People are leaving the symphony in rapid succession following the hire of a new executive director and conflicting visions. Those who don’t fall into those categories are friends, collaborators, and musicians they look up to: Squadda was home asleep. They know they deserve to be there, but they can’t afford to let it slow them down.


I’d never even been to a rap concert till se,lin started rapping, this year. The army of producers alone could probably fill a small venue. Long may the fights continue.

~*~* Squadda B’s Back Sellin Crack Anticipation Thread~*~*

They look down when speaking, shaking their heads and singing Green Ova’s praises quietly but with deep conviction. I’m talking about that XXL Freshman shit.

Rather than see that as weak or unprofessional, it gives me great comfort that the relationship is still firing on all cylinders. The two follow their instincts and rap over what they like to hear. Holiday Guide A guide to this holiday season’s gifts, outings, eats, and more.

Squadda is a bit shorter, sqyadda wears glasses, and has high cheekbones and a broad, crackk smile. But the news media isn’t interested. The John Lewis Christmas ads are now a feature of the festive season. It’s a style that’s inextricably linked squadda b back sellin crack production, and depends on fresh instrumentals mostly using spacey, wistful sounds and soft female vocal samples in carving out a new niche in the hip-hop world. I don’t go see rap in Oakland. Squadda Bambino aka Charles Glover hung in the background.


Clouds have come to symbolize Main Attrakionz and the nebula of collaborators that’s coalesced around their Green Ova label. It feels like they’re just accumulating, ready to pout over the bay like easy, nurturing precipitation instead of merely taking a city by storm.

The John Lewis Christmas ad is now a part of our national holiday. They had a live concert reviewed in the New York Times squadda b back sellin crack they’d even played their first hometown show a few weeks ago at The New Parish. Best of the East Bay. In a converted warehouse on Martin Luther King Jr. Yet, because they all know everyone is trying to do the best work possible, they can move on quickly. Author Archives News Media Ignores Black Protests Black demonstrators in Oakland and Berkeley are taking the reins of a movement and designing their own powerful protests against police violence.

Waving smoke from his face, he complained about the smell of the incinerated stogie.