After I do troubles in school it’s great to do it on comp with less responsibility and consequences. Catching on any offense is punished with the task of rewriting several hundred lines of text depending on the degree of offense, there may be more or less of them. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So part of the challenge of the game is to prevent other pupils from getting Eric into trouble. Award Publication Award Crash. Retrieved 2 January

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Collect enough lines and you get expelled. If Eric is caught out of class or otherwise misbehaving, teacher characters pursue him and issue lines.

Klass of 99 Download

As in any school, you should attend classes here, too. The computer controls all the other characters in the game, including the headmaster, other teachers and other pupils. Of course, the player has a full range of behaviors that are not welcome in any school. He later clarified that “each of the rooms would look like a frame in a comic”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Skool Daze was a commercial success when first released, selling 50, skool daze klass of 99 despite very little marketing or promotion.

You can do all the stuff you always wanted to do in school. The game was followed by Back to Skoolwhich expanded the gameplay to include a neighbouring girls’ school and a love interest with the benefit of being able to reduce one’s linesalong with stink bombs, mice, water pistols, frogs, sherry and a long-suffering caretaker.


Retrieved skool daze klass of 99 ” https: Retrieved 9 January Klass of 99 is an epic remake of a timeless classic. I give credit for putting the graphics together, putting the music together and figuring out the code and stuff for this game.

If Eric has completed 10, lines in one day, he is immediately expelled from school. This is a source of frustration to the player as Eric is constantly shoved out of his seat and punished with lines for sitting on the floor. Klass of 99, is kind of like a fan remake of the outrageously popular School Daze which was first released on the ZX Spectrum, where you play a naughty school boy and you have the ability to skip class, shoot teachers with catapults and fight in the playground.

This game is awesome. Award Publication Award Crash. It’s a dang good game. He recruited a family friend, Keith Warrington, [5] who was studying graphic design.

Retrospec – Retrogaming at its best

The program has only one disadvantage – you can’t save your current achievements in any way, which forces the player to play from the beginning. They give you lines. The player has the option of renaming the characters before the game begins. Get this game if you want to relive high school, or better yet just re-enroll.


Not only does the teacher not say your name, but if you know any sort of mathematics, you will see that your number of lines will not increase.

Skool Daze

Retrieved 10 January The text at the bottom of the screen indicates what the poor boy is currently waiting for. So part of the challenge of the game is to prevent other pupils from getting Eric into trouble. It’s frustrating because you only get small gaps to figure out the story and do something about it and long boring gaps where you will get lots of lines or sit in class and be saze stiff. I love this skool daze klass of 99. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 2 January Zone Runner 2 Zone Runner 2 is a simple yet entertaining arcade game.

Reidy later realised he could have made more money with an appropriate campaign, and regretted the loss of income due to software piracybut was still happy that the game was profitable and covered costs.

In Klass of 99 it is very similar, with the difference, however, that all offences are punished with all severity.