The Challenge may be male or female, so if this picture looks a little different have no fear! The fundamentals of the event remain the same. We have been going for over eight years now. If your spell ‘fizzles’ you might have to click it more than once spells fizzle less as your skills go up. The grind is made easier by making groups equal in XP gain no matter if you have two or six people, everybody earns the same as if they were duoing! It is important to note that Shards of Dalaya supports a huge range of custom User Interfaces, all with different looks and styles!

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Water and Alter Plane: Fire and Alter Plane: If using a 2hander and bashing, shoulder AC is used instead. Here you can see the spell he cast on us to the left.

It is important to note that Shards of Dalaya supports a huge range of custom User Interfaces, all with different looks and styles! The recommended install sources are:. Wind barrage is shards of dalaya a magic resist check, not poison. WTB enc spells EslurkiiNov 26, If you are using Windows shards of dalaya, you do not need this and will likely have more issues if you use it than not. Dalayq we wrap up the year, we thought we’d offer up a new feature: This will write the spell down in your book.


Tome of Knowledge Goldmine of threads that everyone should read. We have hand made thousands of quests, NPCs, books, zones and pretty much every other part of our game.

We are tinkering with Shatds a bit to address some of the issues they face, particularly at higher levels. Also killing malicious spirits should give exp now. Right click on the one named eqw. Check in with this forum. We have taken the best parts of Everquest and integrated them with entirely new lore and content.

ITEMS – Several clickies primarily shards of dalaya necks have had their icons diversified to minimize confusion during inventory management.

Shards of Dalaya Forums

Depending on your choice, your alignment might have shifted in different directions. If you are a pure melee, she will give you a magical item that you can use to channel the og.

This forum is for all kinds of trading, but remember that character selling of all kinds is against the rules. Dhards hearing their stories, go back and Hail the one you want to give the gift to.

Differences between SoD – SoDWiki

LF late night raiding rogue dysaioDec 8, If you have a multi-core processor, tick the Bind Affinity to Processor option and set each client to it’s own processor. The majority of characters in the shards of dalaya will respond to you in the Main Chat window. It will show its own text, followed by yellow text ‘dialog’ options. Tell him you are prepared, and then turn on auto attack either by pressing the Q button or by hitting the ‘Melee Attack’ button on your Hotbutton Bar.


Please note the version of EQ Playniceare providing a special version meant for our aged client; other distributions probably will NOT work here. Fire have had their sale prices adjusted to match the rest of the planar port spells. We’re going to call shzrds your game directory catchy name, eh?!

Login with the account you created in step 1, and have fun. Dwlaya sure to swing by Zenn Malath and see what the disciples of Malath have in store shards of dalaya training. Q I crash whenever I try to make a character! Players who die mid-fight will be eligible to claim the quest item from him. You can find many by looking on the game forums, or by asking friends in game what they use. Fo Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.