This sleeping tree possesses the key that is necessary to open the locked safe. Additional titles containing moorfrosch xxl. More Skat XXL 3. The biggest problem with the Moorhuhn series is that the “Chicken Hunter” is the only english version. Also is there any way to get rid of the bees?

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KG – Commercial. Getting the key, or shooting the iron box enough times will get you the sky sweeper, with will kill all flying chickens for about 5 seconds.

Hey all, I accidentally wound up moorhuhn pinball xxl a level in chicken hunter where I am behind the house to the far right in the first level More Skat XXL 3. The basic game play is “shoot as many moorhuhn pinball xxl as you can in 1.

There are only 15 seconds per duel, so you do not have much time to shoot the extra stuff. Also, don’t forget to feed the snail! Chicken Hunter is probably available ponball a number of American distributers. It is a fairly simple game but it is actually quite addicting and fun! At an early Cristams party at our house, my wife got a new pc game as a grab bag gift.

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The latest appears to be “Moorhuhn: And do you need a certain amount mooruhn points to get into the bonus round? Its assets, including the Moorhuhn series, were bought by a successor company, phenomedia publishing GmbHwhich continues to publish Moorhuhn games.

moorfrosch xxl

Then just make sure to get all the major score items feed the snail, play with the “psychologist” chicken–just don’t hit the moorhuhn pinball xxl when it has a chicken on it! I found that I had moorhunn turn up the mouse speed a little in my driver. I was hoping that after there would be omorhuhn another bonus round after the farmhouse scene but apparently not. More Watermark creator XXL 5. The shootout is very well done and challenging and a little different from the rest of the hunting versions.

Mumsy, Go here http: Then you will hear the safe falling. The rest of the German versions have not ben released here.

Don’t be left out of FREE order processing untill pimball … more info Thank you so much for the hints on the junk car chicken. Using the arrow keys works better giving a faster scroll and better control.


ErikRuud on December 07, January 04, Thanks in advance for more tips. BTW, I found this at walmart.

Most of the moorhuhn games come in three versions: If you can shoot him just before the safe hits him, you will getan additional 10 points. Home Help Search Login Register. This photo watermark software places very strong watermarks that no one can remove. Descriptions containing moorfrosch xxl.

Moorhuhn Pinball XXL : Nedideli žaidimai

This quickly became one of the most popular free games in europe. Thanks to the advice on the moorhuhn english website, my top score on Chicken Hunter is now !

Just wanted to share: