MagicBrent Inner circle Posts. Feb 17, Messages: What forks to use. This is a popular, secure, trackable courier service. One thing I love about LM1 is that you have a really cool souvenir to give to the spectator in the end, which they will treasure and keep for along time. Good luck – will probably grab this Creator of The SvenPad Supreme – “One of the most versatile and well made utility devices I have ever used. Stop thinking like a product performer and start thinking like an individual magician.

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Sending to our UK warehouse Typically takes 2 – 3 days. Lloyd Barnes Elite user Posts. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. Is there a particular model that you found works best? FYI, I started working on a slightly different way of revealing the liquid metal 2 by morgan strebler twist, let me know if anybody thinks this has promise I don’t really know if this is original, but I don’t think I’ve seen it done this way elsewhere: So this is an awesome alternative.

More like liquid metal 1. The floating coin is as metxl and breathtaking as an olympic figure skating routine, and the bend is as earth-shattering as an Indy car crashing into the wall at miles per hour. This is a bit unpolished as yet, but my wife seemed to be surprised and she’s seen me doing Liquid Metal for at least 5 years.


Draven Reviews: Liquid Metal 2 by Morgan Strebler | theory11 forums

I also got a chance to view the DVD artwork. Absolutely, but I’m not believing their hype alone, and not buying in advance. A modified version is my signature piece.

Nov 18, As you’re an expert in metal bending we have to trust you ,lol I think the Morgan’s video will speak by itself no need to add this kind of comments.

Liquid Metal 2 by Morgan Strebler | Ellusionist | Magic | Pinterest | Liquid metal and Metal

Morgan has managed to do a little of both, and with great success. I will continue to perform LM1 in my shows, but honestly, I can’t see incorporating any of the ideas in LM For something that packs small, and plays big this is one act that once mastered could become a reputation maker for you. Morgan teaches you every part of his three phase fork bending act that is taught in Liquid Metal one before moving onto a new phase which totally destroys the bent fork you leave liquid metal 2 by morgan strebler spectator with, which is the heart of what Liquid Metal 2 is all about: Hopefully a full demo will be out soon!

You borrow a valuable object from the spectator, and it’s put under a cup. I can’t believe this is priced so low.


The production quality is lowered a bit. Not sure how you can enhance perfection Liquid Metal 1but I’m in for a copy. Interested in Liquid Metaal Those of you who are fans of Morgans work are in for the grandest of treats, I am not blowing smoke up your rear, this is otherworldly!

Switch to UK site. I found no issues with either the video, or the sound quality. But it teaches you beyond what you would find on LM1. Any idea on a release date? Liquid metal 2 by morgan strebler everyone who has posted a negative review about LM2 saying that “Morgan has stepped down a few notches” or mogran nearly as good as LM1″. Good luck – will probably grab this.

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Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: I am pretty shure that with this release everyone gets also liquid metal 1 for free. In short, I feel Liquid Metal 2 offer nothing to earn the “2” in the title.

Dec 8, It comes standard at a staggering 20 foot tall, but can be built custom to your height specifications.