This will never happen again. I read everything; I mean everything! Lights danced at the back of her eyes and her body seemed to melt against his. From the previous book Savage Nature, we are introduced to the Boudreux family, and we see quite a bit of Remy, when I heard that the next book would be his story, I learned that patience was NOT one of my virtues. And so is Bijou, the girl-woman Remy has been obsessed with for years.

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Feehan seems to believe that writing how they can all be perfectly fine with rough sex the first time around. That body could have been either of them.

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Mystery, suspense, romance and passion are all Leopard’s Prey. I understand Bijou not wanting Remy to see her all messy, but is it really worth her life?? Those scenes were gruesome. Which brings me back to my earlier statement of how sex, delivered by an author as a platform in which “romance” is built–can be a hinderance for some literary couples.

He would have beat a man for shaking a child so hard had he caught him doing it. Christine Feehan 3 Leopards prey christine feehan novels.

And surprisingly enough Remy is also of the same nature. He had never deviated.

All right all you shifter fans, the Leopard series by Christine Feehan never disappoints. Like I previously stated in the opening of my review–this has been an ongoing struggle with me and this particular series.


He knows that she was raised in a home pdey a mother, and a father who only dragged her around for more fame and glory. They had families and needed the money.

Leopard’s Prey (Leopard People, #5) by Christine Feehan

He and his men were responsible for bayous as well as the outlying areas. They get paid a fortune for something that has nothing at all to do with me.

I would say chritine Leopard’s Prey is going to be added to the top of the list of favorites. Drake never lets you down and as always comes out as a savage and brutal but fair leopards prey christine feehan. Worse, he knew he was angry at her father, at her situation, at the corrupt department he worked for at the time, not at such a young, mixed-up little girl. I write for myself and always have.

Leopard’s Prey by Christine Feehan

Sultry, mysterious, and as seductive as her songs, she’s luring Remy deeper into the shadows than he ever imagined. She’s not a doormat, but she’s definitely reactive, her actions determined by external forces rather than personal choices. The characters were pretty shallow, but I’m learning to expect that when everyone is so beautiful, ripped, curvy, and perfect. He hems and haws for about a minute and half about the large age gap, but then accepts it as inevitable.


If you can just say “off”, why would you want to say “off of”? He failed her beyond measure as a parent, leopards prey christine feehan her self-esteem and sense of confidence, despite her incredibly beautiful looks and formidable musical talent of her own. But the end in itself paled for me. Oct 31, Pete rated it really liked it.

Mar 15, Aparna rated it liked it. I really wish publishers would find readers that are more appropriate for the accents of leopards prey christine feehan book. I couldn’t keep them straight. He takes her virginity and has sex with her all night, but NEVER talks to her or attempts to explain that they are leopard mates.

Leopard’s Prey

He wants her badly. Saria took photographs as well. But Siena Arnotto discovered something secret, something feral, within her. I was surprised by who the Bone Collector was and by the blandness of their actions.