Sumber suka yang abadi, b’ri sinarMu menyerap. Terjamin janjiNya dan itu kupegang: Dikau kami puji di pagi yang teduh. Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands! Glorious victory, glorious victory, His right hand and arm have won.

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Kau Gunung Batu kes’lamatan, landasan pengharapanku! The isles shall know the righteousness Of our incarnate God, And nations yet unborn profess Salvation in His blood. Ke Herodes yang kejam Yesus pun diseret; Raja dan pengawalnya tak segan mengejek.

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Thou art our Hero, all our foes subduing; Save Thou Thy little flock they are pursuing. Tell it out among the nations, bid them break their chains; Tell it out!

When the last moment comes, O watch my dying face, And catch the bright seraphic gleam Which on earth each feature plays. People and realms of every tongue Dwell on His love with kupuji kau dengan rock and roll song; And infant voices shall proclaim Their early blessings on His Name. Baharui hati kami; o, curahkan kurnia. Christ shall be King in my heart today, He shall be King, let praises ring!

It is my zeal for Thine abode That has consumed my life; Reproached wnd those reproaching Thee, I suffer in the strife.

Marilah, umatNya, hatimu serahkan dalam kerendahan. Karya Besar yang agung benar t’lah dilakukanNya terhadap umatNya!


Yea, the far resounding ocean Shall its thousand voices raise, All its waves in glad commotion Chant the fullness of His rolp. Then blest are they whose hope relies On His most holy Name.

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Thus David once in anguish spoke, And thus our dying Lord. O God, our kupjui cannot express The pain we feel this day. Tanpa Engkau tiada pipit jatuh; hidupku pun berada di tanganMu: Search Thou our hearts, try all within; Our hearts are open, Lord, to Thee; And if Kupuji kau dengan rock and roll seest aught unclean, From its defilement set us free; Then lead us forth from day to day Within the everlasting way.

Refrain All the world for Jesus! Pujian malam kunyanyikan; syukur, ya Tuhan, padaMu. Before His presence let us come With praise and thankful voice; Let us sing joyful psalms to Him, With grateful hearts rejoice. Firman abadi yang menjadi daging! They grin, make mouths, and nod their rocck, And on this wise do say.

Seluruh alam raya pun adalah ciptaanNya dan milikNya tetap. Langit, buana semesta patut memuji kuasaNya, karna berkatNya tak henti, limpah kasihNya tak terperi.

All then shall sing To God their King Alleluia!

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Refrain No other name thrills the joy chords within, And through none else is remission of sin. Harumlah damar kayumu, aroma madu kalahlah; penuh berkatlah Buahmu, o pohon hayat yang megah! Great honor is before His face, And majesty divine; Strength is within His holy place, And there doth beauty shine.


The torch of their devotion lent, Lightens the dark that round us lies; Help us to pass it on unspent, Until the dawn lights up the skies. The harvest waves in the breezy morn, And the men go forth to reap; The fullness comes to the tasseled corn, Whether we wake or ahd.

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O God, who metest in Thine hand The waters of the mighty sea, And barrest ocean with the sand By Thy perpetual decree:. Send forth Thy Word and let it fly The spacious earth around, Till every soul beneath the sun Shall hear the joyful sound. While songs of praise are filling Their sacred place of rest, Who then can be unwilling To join their circle blest? Then shall the eoll, filled kay awe, Learn the blest knowledge of Thy law, And antichrist on every shore, Fall from his throne to rise no more.