If the console window disappears after a brief moment, there is some problem with your Apache configuration. It is recommended that you try the latest release of Koha V2. Before you start 3. However, I soon realized that the newest version of Koha was only available for Debian Linux and not available for Windows or Mac. The two configuration files that need to be swapped to switch versions are httpd. Nicole Engard Translation Manager:

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Development is sponsored by libraries of varying types and sizes, volunteers, and support companies from around the world. Otherwise, enter your computer name without the www. However, once multiple versions are installed, it is possible to switch between them by simply swapping a couple of the configuration files and then restarting the Apache webserver. You can access the Apache Service Monitor by right clicking on the feather. The Koha W32 installs include all necessary Perl modules for both V5.

Henri-Damien Laurent Release Maintainer 3. Apache Internal Server Error You can troubleshoot internal server errors by koha library software for windows xp at the Apache error log files. If you are willing to read and follow some simple instructions, it’s not very difficult. To switch versions, the contents of httpd. Revision History Revision 2. On Windows 98 Windoss Windows 98, be sure to reboot your computer when the installs are finished. On Windows 98, you need to windoss it manually.


See KohaWin Installation for detailed install instructions. Scroll all the way to the end of the file to see the most recent errors. After a couple information dialogs, you’ll be asked if you want to do a Full or Custom Install.

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License the derivative work with this same license, or the Linux Documentation Project License http: Koha Softwaer install packages are available for both a V1 stable production release and a V2 pre-release that still has some bugs, but is not far from a stable release. To be clear, it is not yet as simple as a single install. Check or subscribe to the koha-win32 mailing list http: Remember, the version change will not take effect until you restart the Apache webserver.

You can follow my guide here: You don’t need to run this utility every time you start Koha. Yes, it is possible to install and run Koha on a Windows platform. The following are important configuration files that affect the operation wnidows Koha. How difficult is it wkndows install Koha on Windows? You need to be aware of these files if koha library software for windows xp want to do any customization of settings from the standard windows install:. See KohaWin Installation for install instructions.


Improve the sample data set included with the install. To make it easy to switch version, a version specific copy of each of these configuration files is installed. Changing the Database Used by Koha 5. Interested in running Koha on Windows, Mac, or Linux using a virtual machine?

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Do not use decimal points in the version numbers. The basic program runs fine on Windows. You should find my. Tuesday June 7th, at Even if you choose a stable version of Koha, the Windows install package referenced on these pages is still under development and should be considered a beta version. Details on what takes place when you run the above utility to switch versions 6.