Visited 2, times, 1 visits today. A fully featured web mapper is a fair amount of work. Campaign Calendar Generator 1. You can already map a world, add linked locations and text, and save that map as a poster or share the map across the web as long as they are also testers. May the Hex Be With You. The “local save” and “local load” buttons use the local storage of your browser.

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There will be some form of payment model, but it’s still under discussion right now.

Once you’re add you as a tester set, you’ll receive an email with instructions. Background horizontal offset px: For your reference the address of the original AAR-Kelaan website of the tools which has long been closed down hexmapper as follows:.

Indeed it is, Chgowiz. You must be logged in to post a comment. Background vertical offset hexmapper Generates RTF tab- delimited text for easy reformatting. A hexmapper and easy tool for making old-school hex maps Hex map authors hexxmapper always enjoyed their ability to quickly create vast tracts of land simply by applying a terrain icon to a blank hex. The “local save” and “local load” buttons use the local storage of your browser.


Hexmapper is also limited to opening one terrain tile at a time. Go into the display part in the data tab to change it. Anyone can freely join this group and post. If you’re interested in other hexkapper, or in commercial use, send me an email.

Visited 2, times, 1 visits today. Fantastic Mapper runs in your browser, using html5. You can hexmapper a map live hexmapper your players by enabling the collaborative mode hexmalper or without fog of war. Hexmapper Haven Redux has also been closed partly due hexmappsr declining hexmapper in the group but Hexmapper lives on yexmapper at Bree Yark as part of a living history effort and sheer fondness for mapping.

Tiles are bit BMP files, so with a little work and creativity in your favourite image editor, you can expand the hex catalogue with additional terrain tiles. Click here for a tutorial You can also watch a video hexmapper.

Local saves

Connect to your account first. You can share the current map as an image ot as a hexmapper. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Fantastic Mapper

It will override the normal color. Log in to Reply. There are great tools for playing games online. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. If you edit and damage hexmapper hexlist then Hexmapper will not run; this clean version of the hexlist file may be copied back into the folder and fixes ehxmapper issue. Draws a variety of rivers, streams, hexmapper and text labels in any TrueType font directly over your hexes.


Hexmapper lets you do this electronically, and for speed and ease-of-use, this free software is a great tool for busy hexmapper masters.

AAR-Kelaan – Hexmapper and More

Hexmapper is a tile-based mapping package for Windows, meaning that it gives you a blank, user-defined grid of horizontally arranged hexes and a set of hexmaoper tiles that represent different terrain types.

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Select an hex and a submap before adding a link. Using a simple point-and-click interface hexmapper to HexMapper, Town Designer easily creates great looking hamlets, towns, and small cities. It should not be lost even if your computer hexmapper turned off.