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Over 10 storylines which lead to more than 50 endings! It is only visible to you. It may not even be trying to say these things.

ys is a Frankenstein disaster | Unwinnable

It’s a freedom I’ve not felt before, and honestly, it’s a little overwhelming at times. It’s enjoyable though, because you kind of want to see what new lows he can sink to.

Do not call Xiaohan when raining. This item is incompatible with Gaokao.

The game sheds light on the reality of how the education system works in China, and is an eye opening interactive experience. Addition of Steam Version.

Gaokao.Love.100 Days – Nintendo Switch Review

Here’s one thing I do know – you should check this out. How to get a 37th ending? Part of the joy of the game is trying to work out what on earth people are actually trying to lovw, or how it would make sense in the original language. Enjoy, and please, check out gaokao love 100 days game when you have a chance. The background music as you play is well done and changes depending on the mood but also the results you receive says the game which again help to evoke more emotion. But I don’t want to do that.


Gaokao Love Days – Why you should be playing it | Articles | Pocket Gamer

There are tutorials which constantly change which word they use to describe a mechanic, so you’ve got no idea what any option really does. The character designs look stellar and perhaps even rival that of the more Japanese oriented style, giving the game a very stylish look that stands out in its own way. Any drop in score and your parents will scold you frequently, whereas if you study hard and keep gwokao score well above the minimum, their reaction changes entirely.

Leave a comment if you enjoy my articles and gaokao love 100 days me play on twitch. If anyone’s interested, to get the Single Line endings get a good score on the first test while ignoring your relationship with Muxin.

Making sure to balance out your love life and school life are challenging but it really puts you in the driver’s seat, and the outcome all depends on how well you cope with the stress daya you.

Ending30, 31, Muxin returns form Gaokao Sprint Class Have a very good relationship with Muxin, and announce to be normal friends at date after that test. He is outwardly rude to one of his closest friends, Stom. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.


I sincerely hope it can help you. This is perhaps more of an East Asian approach to education but it certainly gives players in the gaokao love 100 days a good idea of just how different the lifestyle is when it comes to schooling and romantic endeavors.

But it makes every choice incredibly meaningful. Indulging in net bar makes a sharp decrease in grade. When I was doing my A-Levels, the outcome of which would decide my university, I studied maybe gaokao love 100 days hour a week I’m super, super lazy. Talking with my girlfriend, she wasn’t wholly surprised by the gaokso studying on display. Within reason, of course.

It’s a game all about the pressures placed on you by parents, education systems, friends, everything. This item has been added to your Favorites. He constantly judges his girlfriend, Muxin, for being a “foodie” – a sly way rays referring to the fact she is almost always eating or thinking about food. Can I ruin his life completely?