If you do not know exactly with of the following packages you want to download, take the following package:. Now you can define if the path to the game and the setup exe file should be interpreted absolute in the physical file system or relative to the file system in DOSBox. D-Fend Reloaded can look for updates on start up and via menu now. Installer packages for single games can be built directly from the the profile context menu. Improved initial screen position for the quick starter window. The mobygames data read is now downloading up to 8 files parallel, which results in a significant speed up when downloading cover images.

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Support for external archiving programs lets D-Fend Reloaded handle other archive formats than zip and 7z. The next step will be D-Fend Reloaded 0.

D-Fend Reloaded will download and importthe zip file behind the link. The time needed on first program start for initializing the user data has been improved.

That’s exactly what I needed. I really hope 0.

Updated German language file. Support for more d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 ykhwong DOSBox builds features. New buttons “Previous” and “Next” in profile editor to switch between games. When you drag links from reloadee and some modal window is shown – you still may drop link. Setting the font properties for the preview area now will also apply to the notes text input field. D-Fend Reloaded can be installed using different operation modes including an portable operation mode.


New option in the mobygames data reader to download all images available for some game.

D-Fend Reloaded

So after ‘keyb tr’ Turkish language and code page are selected because all data are in dosbox. So the main window will appear faster and the copy thread will also terminate earlier because when it starts it’s not so often interrupted by file access actions of the main thread anymore.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Now icons can also be added to the icon manager by dragging d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 to the icon manager window and by scanning the games folder for new icons. You’re not just brave, you’re extremely ambitious! When creating floppy images you can choose to make the image bootable now.

A new start-up logging function can help you to find the problem if D-Fend Reloaded is not running. I’m running D-Fend Reloaded d-fend reloaded 0.9.1.

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With these files DOSBox is able to support a much wider range of keyboard layouts and codepages. D-Fend Reloaded can display captured videos like captured screenshots and captured sounds now. Faster filtering functions in the package manager. Now the package list creation and package 0.9.11 system can handle packages larger than 2 GB by splitting them.

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Additional start menu link “Manuals folder” to access the manual and game data folder. Also the info label on the data folder panel was not translated. Whenever I try d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 click on a game whose profile I’ve created, nothing happens.

Play DOS Games in Windows XP/Vista/7

If there are any remaining files in the installation directory after this it will show d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 message above and ask if this files shall be deleted, too. Additionally DOSBox and the FreeDos commandline tools are included so you can build complete installers from this package. You can change the font style bold, italic, underline for displaying the favorites now.

Now you can choose to use the game filesnames or the folder names as names for the new profiles when scanning the games folder for new games. Some improvements to the language editor. The player for captured sounds can also play ogg files if there is a codec installed on the system for ogg files now. It worked in all versions up to 0. Installer packages for single games can be d-fend reloaded 0.9.1 directly from the the profile context menu.

Screenshots and captured sounds can be renamed.