Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy show what you can’t see under normal circumstances. The Wi-Spy configuration window will pop up allowing you to choose which channel band you wish to analyse. On the left hand side of the screen you are presented with your timeline. View as Grid List. It displays how continuous the RF frequency is across your Wi-Fi channels. Chanalyzer for Mac supports analysis for both 2. Next, enable the built in Wi-Fi network to allow for viewing existing networks.

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Exports rpo into PDF chanalyzer pro for emailing or printing. Review Download Video as MP4. This version chanalyzer pro a paid software chanalyzeg. Feature Comparison against other software Click on the link to see the difference between Chanalyzer Pro and other software. You can see below this affects the entire spectrum across all channels. View a single channel in high resolution Increase 5GHz The Device Finder is a 2. Upon your selection any previous captured analysis will be lost.

Another example seen is when a Microwave oven close to an access point is turned on. To use Chanalyzer for Mac first download and install the software from the above link.

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It shows I believe the side-lobes produced from a strong 2. Especially useful for optimizing Wi-Fi performance, Wi-Spy chanwlyzer the invisible visible and enables you to defeat wireless interference emitting from any source, including chanalyzer pro phones and wireless cameras. The bottom half viewing of the screen displays additional details, graphs and overlays of interference signatures, chanalyzeer graphs and tables, device finder and utilization.


Accessories Device Finder 2. See how bad the interference was – when it occurred. Chanalyzer pro standard antennas found in most wireless devices are omni-directional, so they receive signals from all directions. If you can see it, you can do something about it.

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Find and Identify sources of Interference. Find and Identify sources of Interference.

Chanalyzer Pro and Wi-Spy show what you can’t see under normal circumstances. Quickly build powerful Wi-Fi reports. Cbanalyzer Products Chanalyzer Software Chanalyzer 5. Build a report very quickly with the Report Builder that you can present to clients, or keep for a summary of what happened while you were on site Download a sample report Device Identification: Chanalyzer chanalyzer pro and displays active interferers, and tracks Channel chanalyzer pro including Interference Max Power and Air Quality Index.

Click and Drag Zoom allows you to narrow in on a chanaluzer range to view in higher resolution. Use Waterfall Navigation to jump to any point of a recording.


This is displayed as a waterfall where you can see a series of time stamps or it can also be viewed as sessions that were saved from previous captures. This is often caused by other wireless devices using the same RF as Wi-Fi networks, causing the occurrence of chanalyzer pro spots and dropouts. Quickly build powerful Wi-Fi reports.

Yes, it is that quick. As this is a 2. You can download a day trial. You can adjust the length of time using the time span controls, which increase or decrease the length of time you are chanalyzer pro. Many an hour can be saved by just checking the environment for interference. View active tab What links here. The higher the line goes, the closer you are to finding the source of interference. This combination of hardware and software license is used in conjunction with Chanalyzer 5 Learn More.