I’ve had a lot of requests for a circuit diagram for a programmer, so you can download the diagram for the P16PRO40 programmer here, this works nicely with my software, and is one of the programmers I use. Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. Try increasing the programming delay time, also reduce Vpp Delay to 1 – if you’ve set the internal oscillator this will allow you to access programming mode before it starts running. It is a complex mathematical algorithm that says whether there is or isn’t a error by using a key. I am trying to recompile using Hi-Tec to use the code on a 16F so I

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Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who winpicprog 1.91 talking about and building electronic winpicprog 1.91, projects and gadgets. I have made some modification to the circuit to match what I can find on my electronic junkyard.

However, when I try to program a 16F on the same target board programming fails on the first location. Then re-combined at the other end. I’ve added an FAQ page to the support forum, and the first stop with any queries should be to look there!

My P16PRO40 PIC programmer

Sent in Articles and Circuits. Try increasing the programming delay time, also reduce Vpp Delay to winpicprog 1.91 – if you’ve set the internal oscillator this will allow you to access programming mode before it starts running. You can download the last version of the help winpivprog from here Download HelpFile. I haven’t had time to update the help file for a fair while now, so it’s no longer included with the program downloads.

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Constructed on plugboard, no soldering. Previous 1 2 3 Next. I’m happy to try and help with any problems people have, winpicprog 1.91 via email or preferably via the new PHPBB support forumwhere other users will be able to take advantage of the answers. I retain copyright wiinpicprog all programs, but they may be freely downloaded and distributed, as long as no charge is made.

I have programmed a 16f with code winpicprog 1.91 by PICC lite and after succesfull programing the chip now cannot be reprogrammed Introduction to Microcontrollers Mike Silva. You can order it as a complete kit from Dontronics.

P16PRO40 programmer strip board layout

Is that high enough? To use the FD-ICP you need to set WinPicProg to ‘Custom Hardware’ mode and set it like this, I also had to set the Vpp Delay to about 5mS, this is because of the reset pulse generated on the programmer board – you might need to experiment with this setting.


Especially for one byte only. So far so good. Tuesday, Winpicprog 1.91 27, WinPicProg 1. When I go to the hardware setup in both versionsit allows me to set each pin to high or low by clicking on the buttons at the bottom.

Download Program Site 2 kB. CoreChart a ground breaking Graphical Assember. All is working fine. The ‘s predecessor, thewas used in the keyboard of the first IBM PC, where it converted keypresses into the serial data stream which is sent to the main unit of the computer. On the power winpicprog 1.91 circuit, I’ve remove winpicprog 1.91 since I already have 13V power supply.

Just be careful if you want to use the alternative transistor. I compute like this: You can order the kit from his website at http: The original core ran at 12 clock cycles per machine cycle, with most instructions executing in one or two machine cycles. An instruction list at Planet Microchip http: This site is a member of WebRing.

Less components and more functions.