Exam Ensured that all TTC. Fixed a problem with the RTF importer when the question number keyword was not complete. Equations were being lost when editing text that contained them — this is now fixed. Particularly noticeable when running “Test All Variables”. Updated documentation, including documentation for math plotting. Now it inserts the URL as the text for the hyperlink.

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Exam – Pub Kit Filtering out questions that have images in the answers. Exam Fixed a problem bringing up the paragraph dialog under certain circumstances.

Plot HTML export was exporting ” ” when no correct answer was set. Publishing Kit Edition only Bug Fixes Question duplication detection will not be triggered when two otherwise identical questions point to different references. Placement of bubble help window on the question list was incorrect. When importing of scaled wimba diploma software from RTF, the scaling is maintained. Exam Made it possible to change the capitalization of a field value in the field information dialog.

Mixing Symbol characters and superscript or subscript formatting created invalid HTML that caused problems on some browsers.

Wimba – Diploma 6 Release Notes

Pub Kit Added an option to scramble all of the sftware choices, honoring the scrambling rules for the question. Fixed an issue with edits made to the chapter name not being applied before saving the question bank or exiting Diploma. Diploma’s algorithm engine was evaluating “-e” as 0. Exam Manage standard instructions.


Diploma 6 (Windows) Release Notes

Exam diplmoa Algorithms Fixed spacing around the period when replacing unnecessary equations with text. You can no longer get stuck in answer combo box by using cursor keys which also means you can’t get there using cursor keys. MathML support includes Mozilla 1. Export to Blackboard was crashing Diploma. When de-selecting questions, the selected question count was not being wimba diploma software. RTF Import Keywords dialog greatly improved.

Exam Automatic Update feature. Exam Blackboard Pool Title correctly exports when exporting a single file.

Download Wimba Diploma

Diploma 6 – Windows Also available for Mac OS Diploma was the first package to integrate test generation, grade management, and online testing software into one package. Switched the import process to look in more wimba diploma software to get it to try to load the OLE data as an equation.

Also improved whitespace handling removing leading and trailing whitespace in all text blocks and added whitespace checks before all keywords. Verified supprot for Blackboard 7. We help you open your file We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. RTF Import now wimba diploma software handles group-based fields, and also allows multiple field values in a field keyword. Particularly noticeable with large graphics. Pub Kit Added character set handling to RTF Import to correctly import characters in alternate character sets when possible.


OCX that fixed the “Run-time error ”: Fixed a problem with the uninstaller sfotware removing the Equation Editor. Advanced Find now has iwmba “Copy To” item on the Tools popup wimba diploma software. Softqare has been recognized and used by over 40, instructors all over the world.

Wimba Diploma

Bug Fixes “Set to Standard Font” now works. Exporting all chapters into separate Blackboard files now uses chapter names for each ZIP file. Exam HTML-based exports honor image resizing when exporting. This was introduced dkploma 6. Multiple identical log entries are ignored.