To sort diameters in a branch? If the user enters 1 in this parameter, all the flows and the pressures will be transferred automatically from clement. The planning and design of an irrigation system is an engineering problem which can be solved by numerical methods, i. A graphical view for mainpipe, network or both will appear for the selected case, then he presses OK. This investment of time sometimes leads to either ambiguous or faulty results, despite the investment.

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The planning and design of an irrigation system is wcadi engineering problem which can be solved by numerical methods, i. The cost per unit length of pipe C is dependant on the diameter of the pipe length.

Wcadi : the Complete Software for Irrigation Design: User Manual – Google Books

There are many reasons for the lack of a complete, integrated design program; the wcadi main ones being the many variables involved in irrigation design and their multi-disciplinary nature. The characters from wcadi input filed, wcadi you to set the number of characters to skip from the left side when printing, for both cases printer and file.

Here the user can enter the headloss for filtration which will then be added to the pressure of the pump.

All the starting points of sub-mains, which have wfadi defined in the Block design process, will automatically be defined as valves in the network. If the requirements of a given system are entered into wcadi WCADI software, along with all of the constraints and available resources, the most efficient solution, that achieves the requirements is constructed from the available resources. A linear programming model is applied, provided the required parameters wcadi supplied.


This will become the current project case. Design wcadi using clement technique 0,1.

When you start up the program, you obtain the initial screen. WCADI adopts this approach to solving irrigation problems. The software should relieve the engineer of the arduous task of interpreting tables, referring to charts and maps wcadi performing complicated calculations.

The user starts from the Initial Screen, which contains many menus, each with a number of submenus leading to wcadi functions. This investment of time sometimes leads to either ambiguous or faulty results, despite the investment. Any project listed in the table can be saved to or retrieved from wcadi, using windows explorer or any other way of copying directories and files.

Sample Projects

Minimum pressure head at each node see above. The user can select the type of wcadi of the network either 0 -by giving the pressure of the pump. In order to carry out parameter 11, the user must select the type of design pressures for the pipe classes analysis.

Modelling constraints Three primary constraints are defined before optimisation can be implemented: If printing is to be sent to printer, the name of the currently assigned printer, will appear and the user may click on the selection button, in which case the following dialog-box appears:.

WCADI can be used graphically or non-graphically. All data is, however, stored in SI units in the computer memory. The central part of this screen is divided into two sections: More than one operating condition can be analysed and optimised for different shifts of an irrigation system. To copy all or selected items from a project to the given project. A pipe network is constructed of pipe lengths sections with nodes junctions or valves and wcadi.


Summary The WCADI Main pipe software has been designed to aid the irrigation specialist to develop optimal solutions to various system wcadi. Move the cursor to the required wcadi on the screen and select the required submenu in that menu by left clicking the mouse or by pressing the ENTER key on it.

A submenu appears for each menu except for the graphics menu which leads to the graphical wcadi. To sort wcadi in a branch?

It is recommended that the optimization is first run with this parameter equal to 0. A discussion of techniques used by WCADI software to solve problems will enrich your understanding of the program and will enhance the efficiency with wcadi you use it.

Shift calculation flows from: A graphical view will appear for the selected project. The user selects the project he wishes to wcadi on. Shifts calculation flows from: