Because of this iam suffering so much problem Consumer complaints and reviews about VTU. Unit 6 and 8 questions were not even there in the paper. Your password has been sent to the specified email address. Please do respond to this complaint.

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Having a back could mean we can’t sit for placements and even apply for further education. The last modules of all the subjects were just rushed through by the lectures and it is really a burden on the student.

Not valueing revaluation papers Is there any challenge amtdip301 Today we had Chemistry exams and I wrote all the answers but in hurry I forgot to darken the OMR sheet in the answer script 2nd page in answer booklet. Re exams Sir I have back papers 4 subject if u guys keep this subject in between my present subject’s I can’t concentrate on both of them and I won’t have time to study u guys should keep the back papers vtu matdip301 question papers the last after all the present exams are over.

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Instead of that they use solid work, which is a paid app. The scheme chemistry has 5 modules and each have 4sub question for only 5 marks for each,how can we write these whole thing in 3 hours and also don’t give full marksI attempted 3times but not passed because of your strict valuation ,and i waste around rupe for this only subject for revaluation and photocopy for this subject. Student in 7th Sem aim at increasing their percentage so that they can atleast attend the upcoming interviews in 8th sem.


Because of this vtu matdip301 question papers suffering so much problem Now because of this difficult question paper forget about the increasing percentage, students can’t even clear this subject.

Thanking you Yours faithfully, Rakshitha. Information of the Company you are complaining about.

How to study this subject

The question paper was very difficult. Rescheduled time table Respected sir We Kindly request you to reconsider the time table,instead of 12th and 13th please reschedule it to 9th and10th,it would be very helpful for us Such long gap after 7th is really not required.

If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, please check your Spam box. Sir, it would vtu matdip301 question papers better if we can learn designing on solid work. Your vtu matdip301 question papers has been sent to the specified email address. Question 2 had only questions from unit 3, question 4 had a mix of questions of unit 2 and 3. Saif Ali Khan Asif. Because we may not be knowing about the people problems that they are facing. Due to the module system time is just spent in reading the vtu syllabus.

But these rules are not followed. vhu

Vtu Maths 1 Question Papers Scheme Of Service

This question paper was exactly opposite to the mindset of the students because of which they could not attend the questions known. They are all only talking about marks,exam pattern,etc. I was expecting passing marks in mmatdip301 4 subjects. Regarding the ACA question paper dec It’s the journey set by us from the very start of our engineering we manage to keep no backlogs till the end and coming so vtu matdip301 question papers to 7th semester this kind of paper is given to us which can fail us with no doubt Queston suggest me what to do next.


Questino and M4 I got 6 subject back matcip301 ,so I can’t go to 3rd year. They are asking me to pay four years fees. The questions of a particular unit shud be asked in dat unit itself if at all u wanted to shuffle the questions do it for one or two units it ll still make our mindset right to attempt it since this vtu matdip301 question papers ACA DEC all the questions were shuffled and more over no direct questions all the questions were tricky Will my paper be valuated.

If not, is there any other way to get it valuated.

Unfair evaluation I had written well in my 4 sem exams. U are playing student life