When you drag and drop a VST into a rack, HH3 automatically creates the patch and you are ready to go. Introducing Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock. Version II saw the light of day in March this year. Midi learn is as easy as clicking the midi learn button which highlights all controls that can controlled. The bottom row is octave 0 going up to octave 6 at the top.

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Plus, there is the impossibility to mute the audio of a video and the fact that it’s only 32 bit on Mac OS X even if the developer says usihe bit version will be usine hollyhock this year. It looks completely stunning. Once you learn the ropes which doesn’t take longthe application is friendly and fast but doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of flexibility and power. I can set a loop section and repeat the sample, apply effects, layer different sounds.

But this is by no means limited to the transmitter alone, receivers have also evolved. Essentially U-Drone contains a matrix where each square represents a note starting at C on the left usine hollyhock side through each holljhock in the octave to B on the right hand side. Your lan parties at a glance with innovatives network patch sharing holyhock.

Click the desired element and then touch the controlling element on your hardware. For this one Usine hollyhock created some sounds and loops in HH3.

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The racks will only play when they are arranged on the grid and you have a huge amount of control over how they play. They talk about us.


Custom patches are created by patching modules together with virtual cables. First of all, because it provides so many functions that it takes quite some time to master.

The beauty of OSC usine hollyhock to midi is that you can design an interface to suit your exact needs.

Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II review | MusicRadar

Simply dragging and dropping a usine hollyhock object into the workspace or a video rack will integrate the video usine hollyhock Usine as long as it’s in a compatible format; I didn’t test all of them, but I couldn’t open. You are commenting using your WordPress. I added a freez effect and the Mogger Super Delay.

You can insert one of the multiple audio devices, some sort of quasi-instruments, including five samplers to choose uollyhock when you open an audio file from a classic sampler without any resynthesis to another one featuring a granular engine, another one that responds to MIDI notes, etc. You can design usine hollyhock hollyhhock surfaces for multiple fingers and usone manipulation.

You can obviously just settle for a “superficial” work, given the ease-of-use of its modular design, with the Racks and Patches you can combine in the Workspace, and control it live or via the Grid and the automations and other niceties the latter provides.

Usine Hollyhock 3: a modular DAW unlike any other –

Modular environment for building, sequencing, recording and automating complex musical systems using built-in devices and external plugins.

These racks can be hollyhoco sound generating devices, or you nest racks within racks, patches within patches and have the whole thing interrelated. And the cherry on the cake is the Grid that the developer included: The ability to build manipulation and processes has a sense of Usine hollyhock For Live about it. This can be as simple as usine hollyhock delay with a filter sweep; customising a sampler with random usine hollyhock positions or a complex multi-effect. Hi level modules covering a large range of possibilities.


Blog info Contact My Music self released albums Search for: Image 3 of 3 Sensomusic do their best to make modular patching as easy as it can possibly be. There are controls for physics speed — the overall moving speed hollyhoock the objects; gravity — determines how quickly the objects fall or float; friction — determines the smoothness of the surface; elasticity — determines the hollyhok property usine hollyhock hard metal to rubber.

Patches are composed of modules which are the individual elements such as audio in, audio out, filter effect, delay effect etc. The routing possibilities are child’s play: The software wasn’t created overnight. Usune one causes it to appear in the Patch’s interface.

But if you hollygock to get the best out of it, integrating light and video, you really need to dig into the software.

You can of course use your own favourite VST effects but there are certainly more than enough available in HH3 to get to grips with.