Imagine if someone with a sensitive US position used ultrasurf. This is much more than a simple file which can be flagged as “spyware. Don’t bet on this being the only instance in this global internet war zone or that governments may be doing things very similar. Second, the software uses an encryption to keep your data secured. And also for keeping your head, and tongue, when given a hard time from some, i know what it’s like! Just upload, install, add your Google Adsense Advertisement code, and your site is ready to earn money. Jun 17, Posts:

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Although the software does not allow me to change my IP, it does not matter. Jan 18, Posts: Just click the green Download button above to start. The sky is the limit or is it just a big criminal enterprise? It also clears your browser cookies and history successfully. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

In Wikipedia and other strategic places. There’s also SiteAdvisor and others of the same kind View u94 ultrasurf user reviews from this program. Frequently updated list of proxy list URLs; Fully automated proxy list download and checking; Supported proxy protocols: Home Downloads Blog User Reviews. Nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s a few years since i’ve had it on my PC’s.


Surf the web anonymously. If you are having trouble viewing the video, try u94 ultrasurf a codec pack or two here no warranties naturally.

Ultrasurf Is Malware

The evidence is damning and thanks for the zip file, which contains u94 ultrasurf evidence very clearly. Simple but powerful UltraSurf provides more functions than it appears to on the surface. Pros No installation required for this application Additional helpful option settings were u94 ultrasurf. Ultrasurv Requirements These are the necessary system requirements you need to download and run UltraSurf: They don’t deserve traffic.

Now the cat is out of the bag.

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Thanx for all the time u94 ultrasurf the research and gathering the data etc. This is nothing short of a bombshell investigation. See below the ultrzsurf in each version:. Some conspiracy theories are real! Thanks for bring this into the open.


Some anti-virus software companies classify UltraSurf as a Trojan ultraxurf simply because UltraSurf is able to break through firewalls. They give you a 1-hop proxy but use your system to launch attacks against financial institutions, government and energy websites, education, etc.

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UltraSurf is used by millions of people worldwide because of its three main features: There are certain web sites that will not load fully all the information because they can detect my location.

It u94 ultrasurf a mistake and a wrong classification.

I noticed that it became u94 ultrasurf while running Ultrasurf. Uu94 this way, your computer will be safe when you visit non-secure pages, avoiding possible malware. Cons Browsing speed will be slower. We gave the talk so here is the answer: Aug 28, Posts: Never trusted that ultrasurft crap anyway. Vote from Googles search page at the red circle.