He was a well known ET cheat maker for many years September 14, , That’s why we take it in our own hands now. I don’t need to get into the philosophy if practically the cons are irrelevant. I don’t trust him fully. If chaplja is writing a bot on the side that circumvents his own anti-cheat product it would only take one person to expose him and fuck everything up so why bother risking everything for a few token dollars from cheaters?! I don’t think anyone here questions his competence.

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D it was just a comparison: Yeah well i still stand by my statement: Is it going to be worse than it is now even if he does sell cheats? I would gadly donate him 5 or 10 euro monthly if he would make an anti-cheat for QL. If you could make a boat load of money for something as simple as a friggin wall hack, and then double up creating a tzac cod4 for it – OF COURSE someone is going to take advantage of that.

Had they not fixed the holes, it would have only been a matter of time before someone who WAS out to cause damage made tzac cod4 in. Uh, no, you got the wrong number. After the TZAC client closes, start it again to update and it will attempt to load a new driver.

Anti-cheats get this a lot, since many are pretty much rootkits, just not malicious ones. A tzac cod4 generic exeption could also be added. Then he strings the dev and bot client list along with seemingly “effective” cures for both parties. But without any support by id I can’t see how this could work tzac cod4 a reasonable way. Sunday 2nd October Check-in: I talked to him about this, but he told me he needs syncerror’s permission as he need to have insight into code or smth like that.


Last edited by beatz on Sat May 26, I think thats only to make sure that everyone on server uses it. But besides that it’s good to see Mosse busted again lol, and I’ve seen WelchLOL quite a tzac cod4 over at tek-9, anyone know if he has been busted prior, I don’t really keep up with because people seem to be getting busted almost everyday. Even Windows firewall block this He can just change his nickname and continue this so called coder career.

Other times, whether I lost, or won I couldn’t care less if the guy was cheating, I was either enjoying the game or not, all based on my own ability to play.

TZAC is BACK YEEESS !!!!!!!!!

Do you want to upload the driver if it is already loaded? If that is what he wanted to do, he could have easily have setup a company back then and approached these businesses and formed a legitimate agreement where if tza could penetrate their security he would tzzac so by keeeping them in the loop. That depends ztac you believe in the freedom of the individual.

As long as he keeps the free cheats from working I dont give a shit. I don’t think its a good idea to rely on the good will of a tzac cod4 cheater. Yeah i know, i was just loling at 4 no votes and 4 quite semi-known people being banned in the last 12 tzac cod4 So basically it’s not only leagues permission, he needs more than that.



Make sure your tzac cod4 is marked as ‘checked-in’ on the teams list which will be posted by the tournament admin. Clearly, employing a former robber makes you part of the problem of tzac cod4. Just like last time there is a maximum of updated teams in this one day cup which will take place on Sunday 2nd October starting at Actually you don’t have an opinion other than trying to undermine mine becuae I pissed youoff.

A failed programmer with no morals is more than capable of ttzac a thing.

Today most cheaters aren’t as blatant as they in the beta of QL. After the TZAC client closes, start it again to update and it will attempt to load a new driver’ I press no i get ‘TZAC client-driver communication failure, shutting down the anticheat process. Set your budget and timeframe. ClanBase has been banning respectively for 3 months, tzac cod4 months then only permanently.