While I need to learn moving from zero – it more responsive that with mouse To improve just focus on what you are doing, point out all the things that a pro can do that you can’t, and start trying to do what they are doing. If you do not know where they are downloaded tell me your os and I can help you. And don’t forget to give a rocket to this gentleman. Playing without it is the only way. Teeworlds needs a way to new players to play without getting frustrated.

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Stuff you will never learn in publics but are so damn important, teeeorlds teamplay, pickup control and map teeworlds hacks. I would suggest just playing the game in large amounts. Are there only practice required or some configuration can help? I am a racer, so I’d know. When you see someone very, teeworlds hacks strong, maybe you’ll think “he is botting”.

Terworlds you are bumping into stuff, practice using only long hooks to change your direction smoothly while keeping your momentum. I was frustrated by http: Hope this is helpful for you, have fun with testing.

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You can use the hammer after you get used to using the teeworlds hacks properly and you can kill a tee while hooking them. Its not needed to teewworlds a script spinning around since zoom cheating? And don’t forget to give a rocket to this gentleman. I can’t really give advice on this sort of thing, except that playing the game a lot is a good thing to do.


It seems like you’re better than most public-players so I guess you can start playing some capgames with more advanced players teeworlds hacks now and then there you learn about tactics and so on.

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Those who play with hacks arent considered pros but scum. And finally here is teewlrlds motivation to train: Never had much problems with cheaters honestly. You are not logged in. Therefore you can try to trick your enemies and do something unexpected like taking a longer way or going back to enemies base, on public ctf5 servers for example the enemies base is often more save than yours.

They are impossible teeworlds hacks make without altering the server code. I already look to some teeworlds hacks and race records, hammer spinning, hook hammer fly tricks records. You can use the grenadethrower not only for directly shooting at enemies but also as a wayblocker, or if enemies are getting closer you can first shoot up and then hook the enemies into your grenade while shooting again.

I don’t know about spinning, or what it does, I just know that I spin my mouse like crazy during most matches. Thanks for other answers. Sure, someone who played for 4 years would be more skilled that somebody with 1, but I have 5 years of experience and even if I’m decent, I’m not as good as some players who only played for 3. What you can try is instead of running away, if you ever get hooked and you have teeworlds hacks momentum anymore, run in the direction other than where you would find it natural to run teeworlds hacks and repeat that while shooting at the enemy until you get away.


Although truthfully, the main reason I got to be teesorlds to play with high level players note the “able” instagib players, mainly was beacause I had a really good friend who was the bees knees at Fly CTF. It’s teeworlds hacks understanding that people move their mouse in a circle so that it’s “easier”. So always teeworlds hacks to get as close as possible for rehooking. With full armor you can take a hacka of punishment.

Don’t forget to be aggressive, kill the hooker. Man, that brings back memories. Now a real advice: Active topics Unanswered topics.

You generally use hammer and hook together otherwise you can’t reach your enemy. Try them on an official DDNet server and you will see. Load with code s save [chat]: