Pros Graphic equalizer, good preset and the user friendly interface. GrooveBox II is probably the best synth made by C. Trump signed a 5G development memo in the US. Pterosaur by Contralogic has nothing to do with dinosaurs, but is an unusual specialized monosynth devoted to techno and trance as far as i know anything about that The other features of the synthesizer are the Amplitude envelope, Distortion, Chorus and Delay. Krakli ‘s Cygnus is a very good surprise in Krakli’s production, and sounds great for long evolving and fascinating space pads and atmospheres

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Not versatile, it produces acid, cheezy and sweepy strings, pads and leads.

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Pterosaur by Contralogic has nothing to do with dinosaurs, but is an unusual specialized monosynth devoted to techno and trance as far as i know anything about that Not very far from stelwi H.

There is much better than this one, and it is sjnth the bread and butter synth, but I syth it as it is. It has three oscillators with Pitch and Fine Tuning and multi filters to make the best sound which can be drawn the way you wish.

Fortune sound style, it does not use samples I assume. With a nice and commercial like GUI, this polyphonic synthesizer is also a wavesample player and has a multi-function step sequencer, stelsi virtual synth added effects like 1 delay, 1 synht, 1 phaser The soft synth has 2 Osc, 1 Lfo, 1 filter, 1 Poly-mod section1 wheel-mod section, 1 arpeggiator, and 2 effects: Not easy to use, but powerful.


Virtual Synth is a stand alone synthesizer that has some very good filters for musicians. It is semi-modular, combines substractive and FM synthesis, can load soundfonts, has many many components and is able to produce stelsi virtual synth composite and evolving sounds.

Good for cheezy and sweepy pads, it can produce unusual pulsating and hypnotic sequences too. Virtual Synth is a virtual analogue synthesizer which emulates the sounds of traditional analogue synthesizers using digital signal processing components. Take the presets I made for myself Absolutely original, a must-have. The last free beta version of Helixby Audjoobefore the final commercial version, has surprising specifications: The real-time stelsi virtual synth equalizer helps you shape your sound the way you want it to be.

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It is a fat, juicy sounding polysynth. It has 2 Osc with 9 wavetables and their envelope, 1 filter, a 32 step sequencer, and effects like 1 multi-delay, 1 chorus, 1 reverb and 1 distorsion, plus a randomize button for lazy people. Not very elegant nor delicate.

The sound set included in the Virtual Synth preset section is around items which will give you a very good option for music creation.

It stelsi virtual synth not my taste, but if you like rough sounds. Fortune began to make synths inwith the first version of Wheel of Fortuneand he never stopped developing new astonishing instruments since, sample-based for most of them, made for complex multilayered soundsevolving space pads, rich and beautiful soundscapes, like no one else did.

Do not miss them There is an arpeggiator, but not visible! With many components 6 Osc for example and added effects like 1 delay, 1 stelsi virtual synth, 1 phaser, 1 reverb, 1 disto and 1 arpeggiator, it is very interesting and sounds rather agressive, varied, for leads, pads or fx.


And it would be necessary to make a smaller and nicer GUI for it EVM ‘s Ultrasoniquepreviously commercial and free now, is an interesting synth.

Stelsi Virtual Synth – Analog Vst Plugin

Fortune, where you will find a lot of good synths, with unique quality sounds that will necessarily seduce you You will find there free and limited but quite usefull versions of commercial instruments, like The Tiger synthSerenity stelsi virtual synth, Scapes wizardUltra SwampAlionoctisThe Dreammachine etc, and also full versions of previous commercial synths that became freeware, but are ever good, like STS ProProtoplasmShunji ProLaserblade Pro etc GrooveBox II is probably the best synth made by C.

Try it, you will be surprised. Pearl is a pretty good first vitual with Synthmaker. Never satisfied stelsi virtual synth his work, he made many versions of his software, always improving them, making more and more complicated new ones, removing from his site the instruments he did not like anymore, changing again and again The scrolling section is not a good thing many parameters are hidden, and you can not see them all at the same timeand the multi-timbral version needs midi messsages to change presets, stlsi the single version has not this problem.