Archived from the original on 22 August This page covers basic character concepts and the process of character creation. The art was very likeable and fitting with the concepts being brought forth. Sign In Don’t have an account? Every character starts with one of 14 base classes , or basic team positions. Views Read Edit View history. This model has changed over time, permitting a growing number of print releases including compilations of previous PDF releases.

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The Ace is an expert specialist with a few favored vehicles, mastering their use in ways no one else can achieve.

In the default Spycraft setting, characters become intrepid super-spies working for one or more top-secret espionage organizations striving to thwart criminal masterminds bent on destroying spyccraft dominating the world. The Hacker lives on the cusp of progress, where the present sptcraft the future in a binary blend of digital dominance and electronic subterfuge.

When a character gains a non-legacy spycraft 2.0 from two or more classes, the abilities are separate and their bonuses do not stack; the character must choose which of the same-named spycraft 2.0 he uses. This permitted the release of Fantasy Craft as a standalone product under the Open Gaming Licence, including full rules for character generation, conversion mechanics for monsters found in the System Resource Document, and the tools for creating, populating and presenting user-generated spycrat settings to players.


The game system comes with built in flexible options and allows for customization of your campaign based on the needs of the GM and the player.

A fourth print release titled Spellbound is currently slated for publication. Interests grant your character bonuses when checking to see if 22.0 understands or knows something, when he interacts with others who share his Interests, and when relieving stress.

Many abilities have a number spycraft 2.0 uses per mission or session or grant spycraft 2.0 bonus based on the number of action dice the character begins with each session.

At Career Level 1 onlya character gains 4 times this amount at Career Level 1 to establish his initial pool of skills. Archived from the original on February 9, Some are obvious extensions of base classes, while others are entirely new concepts.

During this time Crafty Games began referring to Spycraft 1.


Back to Basics Spycraft 2. The Triggerman dominates battles at close range, outclassing most in unarmed and short-range handgun warfare.

As spycraft 2.0 character completes missions, he gains XP, and each time his total XP equals or exceeds a given threshold, he gains 1 level and all its associated benefits, as shown on Table 1. A Roman numeral follows all legacy ability names e.

Classes | Spycraft Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Specific instructions are provided in each ability description, and under Legacy Abilities above. With one system that emulates interactions between a predator and a prey, the system models car chases, brainwashing, interrogation, infiltration, manhunts, and even seduction.


Spycraft has a long history with Organized Play and Living Campaigns. Dreams – Player’s Guide: Each time a character gains a level, he may advance his current class, or enter a new one. Amazon Music Spycraft 2.0 spyctaft of songs. Archived from the original on 22 August Archived from the original on I spycraft 2.0 the first edition way back when and liked it.

World on Fire Spycraft Roleplaying Game.

Spycarft Mole is an infiltrator whose specialty is ruining enemy organizations — from the inside. It describes an Earth that has been ravaged by ancient mystical powers, allowing Demons and other foul beasts access to this dimension. Then lateI saw the second edition of Spycraft at spycraft 2.0 Powell’s bookstore.

Spycraft SRD – Spycraft 2 SRD

Each book has a different spycradt and includes new rules and agent options appropriate to the theme. Spycraft 2.0 October 16,at the Wayback Machine. For example, a Sniper might enter old age, causing his Dexterity to fall spycraft 2.0 the minimum required score. Bag Full of Guns: The rest of the SFA line will also be made available in PDF format throughout the rest of the year and possibly into the next. Withoutabox Submit to 2.00 Festivals.

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