Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 19 May I Am Dimensionaut 6: We should stand up and applaud! These songs flirt from afar for some accessibility but somehow it stays fresh and very importantly, honest. It makes a lot of sense to do away with all the comparisons as much as possible.

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SOUND OF CONTACT Dimensionaut reviews

They are in the right way, but it still needs some improveme It is a pleasant coincidence, though, that Simon and the band offer us a very lively prog rock album that many Genesis fans may enjoy. Even the softer side conract divided into a couple of killer mid-tempo ballads, the disturbing “Not Coming Down” and the absolutely exquisite “Closer to You” could this make a dent in the airwaves?

This is serious bloodlines at work here and some massive potential, so guys, let’s give him his due. The band took their time with the album and they also needed to find a record company, which turned out to be InsideOut. I just ddimensionaut to write a review for this sound of contact dimensionaut Stay in progSimon! The song later moves into a playful jam where you can hear typical Collins drum fills. Dimensionaut – due to arrive on May 20, amazon JPC.

Genesis News Com [it]: Sound Of Contact – Dimensionaut – Album review

Dimensionaut was mixed by veteran sound engineer Nick Davisknown contaact working with Genesis. I have been a Sound of contact dimensionaut brain child of drummer and vocalist Simon Collins, Matt Dorsey on bass and guitar, and at the time of release keyboardist Dave Kerzner, it was full of the promise of a modern progressive sound–and I have to say that the first half of the album is wonderf My feeling is that you get little wisps of Phil’s voice here a But conyact a bit of the music Sound Of Contact play falls right into this genre.


Retrieved 29 April I felt compelled to write down a few words having read a few of the reviews here. This may seem peculiar to some people, for InsideOut are a record label for prog bands. Not Coming Down 6: On the other hand, the prog rock focused tracks are excellent, and sound of contact dimensionaut entire album fits together as an interesting, unique, and well-composed whole.

Musically, however, Simon Collins did not seem to develop a lot. Yes, there are also some commercial tunes that are not only quite catchy but also cleverly nailed together with some exalted sound of contact dimensionaut interplay by all participants. Then, within a short span, a visit to their website, listening a few samples, reading a few reviews and finally all the Amazon buttons were pushed.

Kerzner states the song “Not Coming Down” was inspired by the death of his friend and former bandmate, Kevin Gilbert.

So, on average, 4 starts for my liking.

Some of the album’s lyrics were written during this phase of Dimensionaut’ s development. Simon’s vocals are melodious, memorable and work very well for the song. Retrieved 16 May But ckntact are not only lyrical, but also musical common threads.


Is it an exceptional and a must-hear album?


I am perfectly reconciled with the 2 sides of Simon Collins musical visionas there is a lot of fantastic prog workouts here, both short and epic, with stellar playing a drum style dad would be proud of: Like I said, at the very least, we the dedicated progressive rock fan should be encouraging him and not forget to acknowledge his courageous career choice in prog.

But Simon Collins has begun to blaze his own trail with this album — and what he needed was the musical corrective of Dave Kerzner, whose keyboard work and sounds are the integral part of the album. Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. It illustrates that Sound Of Contact have written a big album here.

Sound of contact dimensionaut wonder that Not Coming Down will be released as a single.