It is a sampler, a Wave Scanning synth, or maybe an effects device? Upon leaving the military G. So all you need to decide is if this instrument is for you. The new version keeps all the features of the original, but adds double the preset sounds and two new effects. Developed together with NI synthmeister Stephan Schmitt, Skanner XT offers two interface views for different levels of interaction with the complex architecture under the hood.

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Discussion Want to join the discussion? While they are some of the most advanced synthesizers on the market, especially in regard to the Reaktor-based synthesizers, they are also some of the more inexpensive. Try mangling some more presets on your own!

Native Instruments ‘Unconventional’ Skanner XT – Synthtopia

Log In Create Account. Mo has been a professional in the music industry for skanner xt 15 years. There’s no doubting that Native Instruments’ Skanner Ekanner is an awesome instrument – albeit skannr hard one to categorize.

So what exactly is the difference between Skanner XT and the free version of Skanner released some time ago, well skanner xt answer is simple Besides a simplified page with a preset morpher and four macro controls, a second view provides access to more detailed parameters in order to further explore the sonic potential of the instrument.


The synth combines samples which the oscillators then ‘scan’ to create everything from rowdy basses to angelic pads and keys. Skanner xt in the U. Upon leaving the military G. Army back inat the age of 18, G. Mo is also a prolific writer and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Music Tech, Future Music and EQ magazine. It does somewhat irk me that these are all released for Reaktor, rather than as standard plugins. Skanner XT is a really easy synth skanner xt get a cool sound out of, it just takes a little getting used to.

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This can skanner xt easily fixed by choosing a new sample position. At higher frequencies the oscillators, shaped by the sample waveform, become the dominant force.

Essentially there have been no changes in the way the instrument actually works.

Native Instruments ‘Unconventional’ Skanner XT

If you have the full version of Reaktor it’s possible to tweak further by adding your own samples. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In fact, according to NI, there are more skanner xt double the amount of waveforms and presets here skanner this new material has led to more categories being added to the patch library as well. Create an account or login to get started!

Log In Create Account. Skanner is skanner xt feast for the musical senses, a veritable playground for digital musicians! sanner


Review: Skanner XT Update

Unlike many of their other synths, Native Instruments did not supply an Init patch. And more importantly, what will it cost?

So all you need to decide is if this instrument is for you. Native Instruments makes some synthesizers that are deep More articles by this author. It also uses a really innovative morphing system that sksnner move between skanner xt in realtime.

Sound Design with Skanner XT :

Mo Volans on Sep skanner xt, in Review 0 comments. The first thing to note about Skanner XT is that it features exactly the same interface and synth engine as the free version did when skamner was released. I had skanner xt quick blast through the sounds and I have to say even without any tweaking the output of this thing is impressive. I would assume the free version released last year qualifies.

Go to the B panel and lower the Position Envelope knob to midway. Two oscillators ‘scan’ a sample, which at low frequencies deliver a scratch sound.