How does the new record differ from your debut? We are seven and have been seven for the last few years. I just know it from the Arcade Fire songs! How do you cope with small stages? The name Kimbabwe comes from my brother Logi. Who did you charm and how?

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How retro stefson kimbabwe are you these days? Their second album Kimbabwe is out now on Stefsoj Records. And how many nationalities are involved? They made their public debut at the Iceland Airwaves festival, then 14, 15 and 16 years old. With the exception of the travel grant, applications for these funds are only available in Icelandic, although they may be filled out in English.

We had been schoolmates for ten years before forming the band. There are a number of criteria that artists and musicians must satisfy in order to be considered export ready.

Retro Stefson & The Kingdom Of Kimbabwe

How does the new record differ from your debut? We had a “Retro-ball” e.


What are your main ambitions for although it sounds like a lot of them have already been fulfilled? The most important thing though is the crowd. We are seven and have been seven for the last few years. New work must have been released by the artist in the last five years.

Have a nice studio and an annual Kimbabwe-festival! If you could tour with any other Icelandic band right now who would it be? Having released music which is available on all major streaming services, retro stefson kimbabwe as Spotify or iTunes.

More by Retro Stefson

Rewinding a bit โ€” when and where were RS formed? They are so beautiful! Who writes the music? It refers to some stories from college. But we like bigger stages more, like festival size. I guess my ambitions will have an effect on the ambitions of the whole band.

A Retro Stefson and Who Knew tour would be nice and sweaty as well. They played at Retro stefson kimbabwe The main thing is that the music is fun, youthful and refreshing. The new video is pretty dope โ€” who shot that and will there be more? How do you cope with small stages? Since then the band has played a big part in the Reykjavik and Iceland music scene, playing regularly all around the city. Larm where they got really good vibes from all over the place.


When I was 16 I thought words like vintage and retro were cool. My brother is quite prominent as well as Haraldur, but Tobba the synth-queen is the most beautiful stage retro stefson kimbabwe.

Kimbabwe ยป Retro Stefson

The Gerpla-girls in the Kimba video have blinded our sorry eyes from groupies for ever and ever. Pick a genre and stay updated with the latest news about Icelandic music โ€” or follow us everywhere on social media. And the name stuck with us. Where does the name come from? They have sold over copies and have received thrilling reviews.