As a stone post firmly grounded in the earth, cannot be shaken by the four winds, so is the superior person, I say, who clearly sees the Noble Truths. The Buddha commences now to invoke the truth with the Stream-winner’s special virtue of not being able to conceal any evil action committed even by negligence. These are obtained by applying four modes of that view to each of the five aggregates:. As the Buddha said:. Verily, in the Dhamma is this superb jewel. As soon as the evil spirits left, diseases in the bodies of humans disappeared.

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The king then decreed: Or as the Commentary explains: Ratana sutta purity praised by the Buddha called concentration with immediate result; that concentration has no equal. This is the exhortation the Buddha gives now to all those gods and deities present by urging them:.

The six ascetic teachers were ratana sutta six sectarian teachers: I too shall recite something based on the three Superb Jewels for the well-being of the city. Whatever beings are here assembled, Whether terrestrial or celestial, Let us revere the perfect Buddha Honoured by gods and men. A Stream-winner has, through insight knowledge, fully understood this fact and abandoned any grasping to the view that moral rules and observances alone are the ratqna to Enlightenment.

Thenceforth this powerful and effective discourse became the most famous of Buddhist ‘Protective Discourses’ parittas. Ratana sutta of this Dhamma-Gift: It is used here as a simile to show the unshakable confidence of a Stream-winner who has deeply entered into the stream suttz of the Noble Eightfold Path and who sees indepth and with unshakable wisdom the four Noble Truths, namely, the Noble Truth of:.


When morning dawned, a great cloud poured rain on the earth, the famine subsided and all who had suffered from the plague, recovered. There are in fact 20 kinds ratana sutta self-identity view.

Ratana Sutta: The Buddha’s Discourse on The Three Superb Jewels

The first two verses contain ratana sutta instruction to the gods to pay heed to this discourse and protect humans who bring offerings or bestow merits to them. August 12th, 1 Comment. The Ratana Sutta is chanted daily throughout Theravada Buddhist countries. A Stream-winner abandons the first three; a Once-returner these three and in their grosser ratana sutta a Non-returner totally; and an Arahant all ten.

It is thus that rebirth punabhava is generated in the future.

Then come the explanations of each verse. However, due to the high esteem the Buddhists have for the Buddha as the embodiment of compassion, non-violence and peace, no such record of violence exists in history.

Moreover, may they attentively Listen to what is said: Similarly, a self, ego or soul ratana sutta an illusion and cannot be identified with any one of the five aggregates, nor is it the total of them.

Because they have clearly seen the four Noble Truths. Raatna this way they constitute four pairs.

Ratana Sutta

Now, the true and exclusive virtues invoked in the Ratana Sutta are: Moreover, he is firmly established and destined to full Enlightenment. The various blossoming flowers are thus compared to the beautiful explanations ratana sutta by the Buddha about morality, concentration, wisdom, and liberation; about the five aggregates, the twelve sense spheres, the eighteen elements, the four foundations of mindfulness, the four right exertions, and the four Noble Truths, etc.


In fact, a Stream-winner, or any other noble disciple, is incapable of intentionally killing even a tiny ant. The Buddha commences now to invoke the truth with the Stream-winner’s special ratana sutta of not being able to conceal any evil action committed even by negligence.

Gifts given to them yield abundant fruit. In order to prevent future calamities, He recited it likewise for six more days.

Ratana Sutta – Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery

Thus he is a different individual at two different mind-moments. The Licchavis were a powerful tribe in India. At that very moment a severe thunderstorm arose in the four quarters spreading around, covering them in darkness together with thunder and flashes of lightning. Historically shtta, the holy places of ratana sutta religious leaders have often become, till modern times, a latent source of conflict and violence that resulted in bloodshed between rival elements even within the same religious tradition itself.