In February , Knight hosted a conference of scholars who had been studying her, the students and the school for the previous year. No one fails this school. Apart from the conference proceedings, two papers were published. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He has also been called a “cult apologist” by various opposers of cults.

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Views Read Edit View history. The proposal was withdrawn. There are currently over 6, students of Knight’s teachings.

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

Knight herself claimed that she had been in a trance and did not remember anything of what was said in the retreat inquiry. This is a school that will challenge current beliefs and intellectual assumptions. These practices are powerful initiations where the student can apply and experience firsthand the teachings of Ramtha.

Gordon Meltonwrote a book countering this argument called Finding Enlightenment: His position was ramtha teachings criticized when he took the stand as a witness in the case of Knight v. Through this breath technique students learn to shift to an analogical state of mind and create ramtha teachings new reality.

Science famtha a candle in the dark.

J. Z. Knight

Sending-and-receiving Communication from one mind directly to another from a distance. Ramtha is the central figure the “master teacher” of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenmentstarted by Knight in near the town Yelm, Washington. Allegedly, it is being taught that the nitric oxide in red wine not the alcoholalso found in pipe tobacco not the nicotinecan help ramtha teachings facilitate changes in the brain as a part of the process in which to achieve these means.

Mind is the product of streams of consciousness and energy acting on the brain to create holographic thought-forms. A customer of his ended up with a deeply bruised shoulder and a big lump on his forehead. According to Knight, Ramtha taught his soldiers everything he knew for days, he bid them farewell, rose into the air and in a bright flash of light he ascended before them. However, Knight said she did not sponsor the conference to gain publicity or to convince her skeptics.


Glenn Cunningham, a former bodyguard of Knight’s, in an interview with David McCarthy details the inner workings of Ramtha teachings School of Enlightenment and criticizes various activities such as trademarking ideas and phrases ramtha teachings had been coined by other authors many years before – for example, the idea of “Blue Body”, or mixing quantum physics with new age ideas, which can be found in Vera Stanley Alder ‘s From the Mundane to the Magnificentfirst published in of Knight’s and aspects of Ramtha which he simply saw as Knight acting.

The pig that wants to be eaten: Her website also suggests that traces of the lineage of the original teachings and philosophies she claims Ramtha taught 35, years ago have appeared throughout history in the schools of philosophers such as Socratesreligions such as Hinduism and Judaismand the works of great minds such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

Inlessons were given to the public in more than 20 countries, including the Czech RepublicRomania and Chile for the first time. During their research phase, they also observed Knight’s Ramtha sessions and measured various physiological functions of her body.

Roswell, New MexicoU. Julian Bagginiin his book The pig that wants to be eatenargues that if ramtha teachings was capable of creating their own realities with their minds, it would be ramtha teachings as one person could then create a reality in which no one was allowed to create their own realities.


Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment

Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved November 22, Glandon, in which Joseph Glandon was accused of distributing copyrighted teachings of Ramtha. Archived from the original on April 1, American Institute of Ramtha teachings. Live and On-Demand Events. David McCarthy, a student of the RSE between andcalls Knight a “spiritual predator”, and he mentions various parts of the teachings which had an intimidative character, ramrha as the prophecy that unless students remain faithful to Ramtha, they will become prey of the “lizard people”, and that the ancient figure of Jehovah would return to earth accompanied by lizard people, in a ramtha teachings.

David McCarthy, a Yelm resident and former student of the school between andhas accused the school of being a cult. Everything that exists originated in consciousness and manifests through the modulation of its energy into mass.

Charged with 10 counts of first-degree sexual misconduct with a ramtna, Geis and Martin pleaded not guilty and the case went ramtha teachings trial. Ramtha’s School of Ancient Wisdom.

Knight invited the girl to a retreat at the school in November Knight’s teachings appear to be a mixture of Jungian philosophyWestern occult traditions and contemporary positive-thinking attitudes such as New Age beliefs [21] and have yet ramtha teachings stand against elementary skepticism or scrutiny.