When the buttons are released, the cloned configuration will take effect. Turn the remote back on again. Make sure all Windows and Office updates are current. Reset the Q5 using a pin or paperclip. Displays when the remote is requesting an Answer Key activity number. With our years of experience, we have developed technology proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

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A sample command is. Remote cannot find host and will power down.

Enter your account credentials. Train Clever Instant insight during training. Qwizodm qwizdom our virtual response solution: Battery icon indicates battery charge qwizdom remote is on.

Enter your Username or Email Address. How do I get it back? Case Studies Qwizdom’s impact on multiple industries. Qwizdom has you sorted. Session ID should appear.

If you still encounter problems, please create a support ticket using the link above. Your web browser is out of date. Qwizdom offers a wide range of products designed to fit your current technology and budget.


Why are there two qwizdom inserts underneath the tablet overlay? Re-open Connect and re-select the activity.

Get in Touch Got a training programme coming up and qwizdok a little insight into qwizeom our solution helps you? You will see multiple host entries with their Session IDs qwizdom. The Pen may take slightly longer to fully charge. To set qwizdom and begin using your qwizdom system, please see the: This means that both screens will show the same content.

Generally, the Tablet will only need to be charged about 6 hours to be fully charged qwizdlm the first initial charge.

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Attendees respond in real-time using our custom clickers or their mobile phones. I am upgrading my version of Microsoft Office. Reset the Q5 using a qwizdom wqizdom paperclip. Additionally, materials can be assigned to students for self-paced learning through Qwizdom Oktopus Blend. Please note the following: Turn qwizvom the remote and qwizdom the batteries. Turn the remote back on again.


When a question has been posed during an activity, qwizdom will see a blank screen with a battery icon or may see their remote ID as well. Check Qwizdom Remote Number. Our classroom clickers rely on radio frequency to operate, offering reliability, with no concerns about Wi-Fi connectivity or online distractions. On a test machine, run the Actionpoint exe file locally.

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Where do I find the Session ID? Enter your Username or Email Address.

Teach Clever Improve learning through enhanced interactions! Click here to download the Q2 Information Card.