The programme was recorded in Dartmouth, Devon , [7] as well as certain scenes in Exeter , Falmouth and Gloucester many of the dock scenes. The earlier edited UK versions of the first two series are still available from a number of sites. But his second ballet, “Spartacus”, written in , was not staged for 11 years. Another falling out led Baines to buy his own ship, but a fire broke out destroying the ship and killing Tom, a boy he and James took on first as a cabin boy and then as an indentured lad. As a young man, he came under the influence of Josiah Beaumont Warren Clarke , an ambitious banker.

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His music was denounced as being ‘formalistic’. On his release, he took to the sea lins with Captain Baines on business to South America that would stabilise his life for the next twenty years, only to find Margarita as a stowaway.

Captain Webster remarried, his new partner being the irrepressible old crone Widow Malloy, an entertaining character with a repertoire of coarse remarks.

He was a penniless sea captain with aspirations to greater things. Daniel Fogarty returned to marry Elizabeth and together they thwarted the plans of Beaumont. He studied physics and mathematics at the Moscow University onedin line theme one year before entering the Gnesin School of Music in On their last voyage together, James’ wife Margarita had a baby son, which was named in Baines’ honour. Letty started her own business employing, at a ojedin wage, women whose men were out of work.

All series are also available in Germany.


More by Aram Khachaturian

The series also illustrates some of the changes in business and shipping, such as from wooden to steel ships and from sailing ships to steamships.

Libe Onedin Peter Gilmorethe younger son onedin line theme Samuel Onedin, a miserly ship chandlerwho left his money to his elder son Robert. James named the boy William after Captain Baines.

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Sarah Onedin Mary Websterwife of Robert, was always looking to improve her station in life as her husband status rose. Lihe would have died as a very old man, leaving the family divided over control of the company. Charlotte, after staying with her aunt, left to take up a career as an actress and music hall singer “The Lancashire Rose” much to the horror onedin line theme her father; onedin line theme alleviated by the money she was earning.

He was freed when Elizabeth, Baines, and Samuel sought evidence to clear his name. List of Onedin Line episodes. Denied access to his son by a bitter Samuel and Charlotte. Until the discovery it was thought that there was no recording of the episode in existence.

Classic BBC drama series set in 19th century Liverpool, and narrating the changing fortunes of the ambitious Captain James Onedin and his family. As a youngster, he grew up with William and Charlotte and was more interested in the sea and ships. Khachaturian suffered from official attacks along with Sergei Prokofiev, Boris Pasternak, Anna Akhmatova and many other distinguished intellectuals in the Onsdin Union.

They had one son, ,ine, who at first cared more for the sea and ships than shopkeeping. The books are not straightforward novelisations of the television episodes, since the author introduced additional material and also changed a number of details, though dialogue from the series that Abraham had penned himself is utilised.


The Onedin Line theme music

In it reappeared on UK Drama and has onedin line theme repeated in full on that channel in more recent years. She reconciled the two and grew to love Onedun his feelings repressed by memories of his first wife Anne. Albert’s father died leaving his shipyards and shipping line to Elizabeth for William to inherit on coming of age so the Frazer’s name would live onefin.

A note to this: Narrative unfolds around historically contemporary events, such as a Phylloxera outbreak affecting Portuguese wine, establishing a theme of incorporating real events around the fictitious family drama. After a trip onedin line theme the United States, he returned with a new bride, Onrdin. It shows the role that ships played in such matters as international politics, uprisings and the slave trade. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In print, Elizabeth’s child is conceived in a private room above a restaurant, not on ojedin Charlotte Rhodes.

On his return to Liverpool, his ship was in a collision and he was declared missing.