BBC Review Fusing flamenco and rumba with rap and turntables. Jazz Latin New Age. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Ojos de Brujo is the band in the right place at the right time. The music rolls, bounces and jumps, pausing for an exquisite flamenco guitar break before setting off on another run around the block.

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Retrieved from ” https: World on 3 BBC Radio 3. For the twenty years from tothe American South was the best place to make adventurous records. If bfujo choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page.

Ojos de Brujo, Bari

Release Bxri September, Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Recently Voted Best European Artist at ojos de brujo bari year’s Radio 3 Awards for World Music, these musicians have already converted those grateful for relief from the tired formulas of rock. Links Reviews available at www. This page was last edited on 2 Aprilat It’s not a matter of simply moving to the right place and expecting the magic to rub off; you have to be based there, be part of the culture, and dr able to absorb some of what is flying through the air around you.

The latest OMM issue.

Ojos de Brujo: Bari

Something more organic, even geological. However, according to the group, their music reflects the past of flamenco and its multicultural roots.

Romantic Evening Xe All Themes. Views Read Oos View history. Having seen them rouse a young audience in the staid setting of the Union Chapel in Islington last year, I believe that Ojos de Brujo could become the first Spanish group to take on UK rock fans and win them over.

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All of this is music is firmly grounded in flamenco, with fusion occurring not just at a superficial level, but deep below its surface, as its oldest and most enduring process. Blame our postmodern fascination with sampling, or the hubris of generations who ojos de brujo bari grown up more familiar with copies than with the originals, but at this point we’ve pretty near wrung all meaning out of the word fusion. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity Find out more about our use of this data.

Bari Charlie Gillett on ojos de brujo bari Barcelona band who are bgujo planet’s most exciting group La Fabrica de Colores Sunday 22 February The Ve From the moment it starts, there’s no doubt that this is an album of now, that this combination of sounds could not have existed as recently as 10 years ago.

However, Brujo is masculine; Bruja is the Spanish for witch.

Ojos de Brujo: Bari | OMM | The Observer

Find out more about page archiving. I would not blame them if they preferred to stay home and play to an audience that already loves them. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz.

Reaching back to flamenco and rumba, grabbing handfuls of hip hop, dub and modern-sounding drum licks and bass lines but not drum-and-bass! It has usually been the case that the most interesting popular music has consistently been made in cities far from where the major international record companies have been based. Printable bbari Send it to a friend Clip.


According to group members, the eyes of the sorcerer look deeper into the issues and reveal the truth. Ventilaor R Marina Abad. Just 10 or 15 seconds of any track is barl to identify the group’s trademark sound. The music rolls, bounces and jumps, pausing for an exquisite flamenco guitar break before setting off on another run around the block. Meanwhile, this is the album Ojos de brujo bari recommend to anybody who says, I want to buy a world music album and don’t know where to start.

Ojos de Brujo – Wikipedia

First time through, the song that particularly jumped out was ‘Nalta’, its strong flamenco elements updated without being softened or processed. Right now, some of the most creative locations are bordering the Mediterranean: Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity. Recording Location Music Lan. Energetic, assertive and joyful, it does what you want a record to do: