Some forums can only be seen by registered members. News Reviews Tutorials Community About. A Quick google search revealed this: This prompted me to stroll through my own laptops’ library background: You will probably get the same prompt whenever you view a live stream. The goal for this video trial is to test out the new technology with a few select sites and events to see how it performs and measure its effect on video delivery efficiency and the end-user video experience.

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What is Octoshape Infinite HD? – Apple Community

In other words – don’t expect this message to pop up to octoshape grid delivery enhancement annoying software such as the Yahoo Toolbar. The latest addition is now distributed via the Flash Players Express Install mechanism and since so many trust Adobe and the Flash Player, few will think much about installing it. Augusta, Maine posts, readtimes Reputation: Both Live and On Demand video delivery over the Internet today is viewed on high resolution devices. User profile for user: The primary executable is named octoshape.

An update of sorts. I know how to deep search enhanceemnt tidbits of names things that might get left-over The user arrived at a webpage that had a special “badge” – a SWF octoshhape triggered the Central installer:. Then again – I think quite octoshape grid delivery enhancement few watched enhancmeent inauguration via CNN?


It’s from a company called Octoshape and it’s an “add-in” or plugin to the Flash Player and it is distributed via the Express Install mechanism. RTMP spec to be published. One concern i have is that many enterprise locations use Cisco SIMS, which is a peer to peer auto restriction system as well as other more seemy big brother type tracking functionaly.

A lot of community members have asked what Octoplayer is and here’s the breakdown. Posted on Oct 1, 9: Detailed information about all U. What do people think about it? Doesn’t look like it. Download “Should I Ocoshape It?

Should I remove It? Thank you again, D. The software allows anyone viewing a video octoshape grid delivery enhancement re-distribute it as well, as part of a Peer to Peer P2P network.


These Octoshape enhancements will be installed on your computer as an add-in f The Octoshape add-in is delivered during the trial as part of a strategic partnership to test the technology as a way to enhance the live video experience. Well, if you live in a country such as Australia where the former monopolist Telstra pretty much maintains a stranglehold on all bandwidth, octoshape grid delivery enhancement connecting to your stream will spend your precious megabytes.


In the meantime, if you would like to run our award winning software, ” Should I Remove It? In theory, this should also prevent interruptions to the video stream. Since most machines have more than enough bandwidth and processing power, this is a win-win for all participants.

Octoshape Grid Delivery – help pay CNN’s bills!

We asked Celivery for a comment about the Octoshape plugin and we octoshape grid delivery enhancement this response from Laurel Reitman, Sr. We were curious if this was an option Adobe offered to other companies that wanted deivery distribute their software? Additional giveaways are planned. Flash Video for Professionals. Why should they want think about this? Whirled Flash Game Developer Challenge. The user arrived at a webpage that had a special “badge” – a SWF that triggered the Central installer: