Even for a debut album, this music shines and rivals the best progressive bands in existence. Other songs like Remember Where You are and Amputee offer too much of the same and distract from this band’s obvious talents. Then, the band dishes out three minute mini-epics: I never heard anything like it before and absolutely loved their music since the first time I heard it. They should be in your collection and therefore, so should this album. Latest members reviews A truly remarkable debut album – I honestly can’t recall a debut album from a prog band within the past 15 years that is as solid as this release from start to finish. I am having a hard time understanding why this is space rock.

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I have seen Oceansize live a couple of times and this guy is so good on the drums! Oceansize’s debut “Effloresce” is a monolith in modern music, blending Alternative, Post Oceansize effloresce and Prog to a refreshing style. I definitely hear a lot of Nirvana in this particular track.

Highlight tracks are ‘Catalyst’, ‘You Wish’, and ‘Amputee’ but honestly there isn’t a weak segment on this album. Oceansize could easily be pegged a standard post-metal band, but oceansize effloresce so much more than that.

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Oceansize – Effloresce | The Arkive

The only problem I find with the album is that I think the second half of the album is stronger than the firs This builds into “Massive Bereavement”, oceansize effloresce a massive track that has a noteable builds as the first half is quite gentle and spacey, which then finds its oceansize effloresce into some excellent angst, full of thundering guitar riffs and menacing vocals. I have spoken of their splendour and majesty before but here new realms of exquisite execution are entered.


If I ecfloresce I’d give it 4. The music offered is really close to prog metal like the music played by “Riverside” or “Porcupine Tree” of course. After the lovely part they surprise once again from 7: Oceansize – Effloresce CD Album.

Then you begin to notice the singing. One Day all this could be Yours is a song where I get the feeling we are dealing with a heavy sort of Coldplay, especially at the start. This should be considered a masterpiece.

Not necessarily very creative nor interesting. The short instrumental songs Rinsed and Unravel are welcome breaks between the heaviness of some of the songs. Just listen to the heavier section of Massive Bereavement and you’ll hear it. The singing is sparse but excellent, adding another dimension to the post-rock sound. Really impressive stuff this. This type of song is definitely going to bring this band on the radios and will open them to new oceansize effloresce if they are able to write more catchy songs like this.

The guitarists come up with some good stuff all around and osme real good riffs here and there. RW U R is a bit more poppy and has a great catch single bite of cherry for you.

Big difference is that Oceansize is besides heavier also simply better and of course oceansize effloresce progressive. Not to say this is an easy listen, but this is probably the one that will garner the most fans. Oceansize effloresce don’t like alternative rock with long orchestrations and a couple of oceansize effloresce so called “prog” as Radiohead or Dredg, but I have to say Oceansize is one of those bands and they are very good in what they are doing.



This song is pretty trippy and stands out as being one of the most unique pieces on the album. Amongst the first three short tracks, only the opener “I Am The Efffloresce is featuring some spacey oceansize effloresce but just for half of it.

I have nothing more to say about the music on this album actually, this album is simply very special in my point of view. A wise oceansize effloresce as opener, the song speaks to the listener of the band’s maturity. Vennart’s vocals are emotive if somewhat unremarkable, but lend themselves nicely to the band’s sound.

OCEANSIZE Effloresce reviews

MB gets into some stonkingly Soundgarden territory and as such is a real joy to listen to. Called progressive against their own will, Oceansize’s music is nevertheless packed with progressive tendencies and bears many similarities to prog-related indie like Radiohead and to emotive prog like Riverside and Porcupine Tree.

One of the neatest things about this band is their extremes– from the fat walls oceamsize heavy distorted chaos to delicate spacey interludes which indeed are reminiscent of more well-known post bands oceansize effloresce everything in between. To watch a man lovingly caress the neck and feel his fingers flicking over familiar frets, and then to stroke the strings as if he were a swan gathering her cygnets, just to hammer away at their oceansize effloresce like the unknown predator just seconds later.