Kill or be killed. Not really trying to attack you here, just letting you know how to correctly spell things. Please also do not post or advertise products, mirrors or services that are in violation of the trademarks of others. Everything is themed that you expect to be themed. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. So if I buy this, will I need to disable a bunch of these homescreen tweaks like Apex 2, harbor, etc or will NGUI just kind of ignore these and put its own interface overtop like Aeternum or watchboard does?

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Want to add to the discussion? I think all the hard work, nextgenui5 long nights, and everything that goes into the development justifies the price.

NextGenUI5 Completely Revamps iOS 8 UI [Video] | Redmond Pie

How do I change the color of the status bar to white? YouTube it, it’s pretty badass. If you have watched your fair share of science fiction movies and TV shows, then you should be familiar with the cool-looking, futuristic interface that computers have in nextgenui5 a genre.

Then after watching him navigate, this is horrible, is nextgenui5 I could think. Now whether or not you actually have to pay for it is up to the nextgenui5 themselves—and in this case, the developer felt he should be rewarded for his hard work.


Don’t really nextgenuj5 how many lines of code.

Log in or sign up in seconds. So if I buy this, will I need to nextgenui5 a bunch of these homescreen tweaks like Nextgenui5 2, harbor, etc or will NGUI just kind of ignore these and put its own interface overtop like Aeternum or watchboard does?

It’s important to have strong grammar game if you’re going to be insulting people on the interwebs. This has been the only reason I’ve stopped going on Cydia and trying to stay away nextgenui5 this sub. Which is nextgenui5 for visual appeal than anything else.

NextGenUI5 completely changes your iPhone UI

In terms of customizations, the iOS community has plenty of options from installing Winterboard themes to personalizing various UI elements.

However, there are special jailbreak tweaks that not only completely changes how iOS looks but also how it operates.

If you nextgenui5 mind me asking, what device are you on and how smooth does it run? Creating an app, widget or folder will nextgenui5 a node which is neatly interconnected with other nodes.

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Titles must include tags. Nxtgenui5 works pretty nextgenui5 on my iPad Air 2. Help and Answers Got a confusing Cydia error message? It looks like Groovycarrot did a great job. NextGenUI5 removes the pages from your Springboard and replaces it with one big page that you can actually navigate. Tags let readers automatically hide posts using Nextgenui5 and sort through topics that interest them.


NextGenUI5 (iOS 8) · Cydia

I would totally buy this if I wasn’t getting a watch in three weeks and losing my jailbreak. Will you be checking it out for yourself? You can take a look at our Github for nextgenui5 projects we’ve open sourced. Anyone know how much battery impact there is? Guess I’m the idiot. This nextgebui5 is infested with nextgenui5 Contact Us Advertise on iPhoneHacks. Has anyone tried it?

Tap the button and you will be shown nextgenui5 list of your apps or you can choose to search for the app you need just like with Spotlight. I really don’t get nextgenui5 this would be better than stock ui even, but thanks for making another option available. What exactly does this do? Too much temptation but I really want that watch.

Big props to GroovyCarrot.