Use readchar to reset key? Pre K to Grade 4. The position is in turtle coordinates; [0 0] is the middle of the page. They are not saved with your project. If text that has more than one color is selected, tc reports an empty list. If the process is launched from the Command Center, the cursor reappears immediately.

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Empty lines are taken into account. Reports the list of currently defined project variables. About 10 years ago when the opportunity came up to teach a 6-week exploratory class for seventh graders, I knew right away that I wanted to use MicroWorlds! The first input is the name of an object, a color, or a page. Just use snapshot on the page that you want microworlds 2.5 keep a copy, then go to another page or open another project and use restore.

Microworlds 2.5 other languages Add links. Here is an example of a links procedure:.

List of MicroWorlds Logo commands – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

The second input is a list of instructions that uses the variable microworlds 2.5 included in the first input. Reports true if the two inputs are equal. You cannot type in a hidden text box, but primitives such as print, insert, and ct still work. The maximum number for setshape is Reports a number representing the color of the background. Reports the specified element of a word or a list.


The following example takes a column microworlds 2.5 numbers in Text1 and prints the square of each number in Text2. If you try this with a turtle on the page, it will go forward.

Gives a shape to the turtle. Creates a variable and gives it the value word-or-list. Local can only be used in a procedure. See microworlds 2.5 “Sample schedule” for possible class outlines. See bg, unfreeze, and loadpict. The first input, range, is a list with a temporary variable name and a list of items. You must click on the background of the page outside of a text box, the Microworlds 2.5 Center, or Procedures page for readchar to recognize the character typed.

Sentence can take more than 2 inputs when sentence and the inputs are enclosed in parentheses.

MicroWorlds Logo (Turtle Graphics) Links & Examples

You can also include the full or relative path when microwkrlds want to save that picture in a directory other than the current one. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what teachers have to say When a list of shape names or numbers is given as input, each fd and bk command makes the turtle cycle through the list of shapes the maximum number microworldss items in the list is Printtext opens the printing dialog box.


Stands for first microworlds 2.5. Harper Collins College Publishers.

Moves the turtle to the designated x y coordinates. The Clipboard contains the last text that has been cut or copied using the cut or copy command, or the equivalent Edit menu items. Stands for clear graphics.

eBank Microworld

The time is in tenths of a second. When you see a circle, microworlds 2.5 do you know it’s a circle? This is a simple simulation with a small number of reports and microwolrds. Our pricing system is on a per head basis so if you have 20 students in your class you need 20 student licences. By default it will save it in BMP format.