Or is there an alternative way of doing it? The moment you replace the original recording with your MCEBuddy converted file, all Gracenote metadata will be lost. The only file that Plex moves into the library is the EDL file, however:. I’m interested in accomplishing 3 as outlined in the guide but it seems that the setup is dependent upon running the plex server from a windows PC. Once it doesn’tfind it, it waits another minute just in case MCEBuddy isn’t actually done quite yet and exits, allowing Plex to move the file to the library.

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The logs said “does not exist or MCEBuddy doesn’t have read permissions, skipping”.

It works great though thanks for sharing it. It’s better to transcode the recordings after they are finished in the postprocessing step.

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Source code checked in, Users browsing this forum: Is the 2.3.41 library separate mcebuddy 2.3.14 the tv library? Never makes it to MCEBuddy. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I’d like to go back and delete the commercials from my MP4 files. Now when MCEBuddy is outside scheduled mceguddy times it will PAUSE the conversion in addition to not starting a new one and will resume it when within conversion scheduled times.


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I offload the MCE buddy functions to a separate box. Don’t be a dick. After more testing, I can 22.3.14 that Plex is only copying the EDL file generated by comskip to the library folder, while leaving the mkv file in the. Added support for audio only source files mcebuddy 2.3.14 video and audio only profiles mp3 and aac Have I missed a setting?

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The mcehuddy plays perfectly fine, and, mcebuddy 2.3.14 paused, will have the correct duration. Yes, I meant TV series. Seems to work fine and I haven’t noticed the Gracenote issues you highlighted You talk about “shows” so I assume you mean TV series?

Untick “Log conversion jobs” unless you’re troubleshooting.

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Converts in the background at scheduled times. Option to force recording type as Movie or TV Series in conversion expert settings to enhance downloading metadata from the internet for non WTV files Are there any other files in the. In the log I posted below you mcebuddy 2.3.14 see that the file was remuxed to a TS then back to a wtv. I tried a copy profile but it remuxed the file, and since ffmpeg does not understand the latest wmv profiles, it lost the video.


I can check if anything is locking this, whats the best way to tell? Thanks for pointing mcebuddy 2.3.14 out. For some reason this process doesnt play well with Plex Media center. I do have one more question for you though.

I have sinced moved it and that at least seems better. Copying history and event logs to clipboard It works only on bit Windows. Major mcebuddy 2.3.14 which could lead to no audio in the converted file or a remux failure when 0 channel impaired audio track gets selected Page 1 of 1. I had some questions for you because this process seems mcebuddy 2.3.14 slow, mcebudry really incredibly slow.

My server is not the fastest, and I have priority set to low mainly so it doesnt freeze up anything else but this still seems like way too long.