Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 20, Multi-regionality and internationalism is important when considering the overwhelming cultural influence of London in British hip-hop. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 20, go to album. Twitter feed themonitorscom Proper end of year lists appear at the END of the year. Their records Tourettes Camp and Brick Pelican were twisted modern boom bap classics, genuine reflections of modern life with an empty fridge in the age of CCTV, white cider and overpriced ten-bags.

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There is no hip-hop scene club where everyone goes and meets up and has cups of tea and strokes cats together.


If you like Mcabre Brothers, you may also like: Mr Wrong has rapped about everything from stealing sweeties to invisible octopi, so you can rest assured he can tell you to fuck off more eloquently than any other rapper in England. It actually started as a solo thing then turned into me and Tony Broke and Gonzk who is a producer from the Liverpool area.

I liked the way it sounded and looked written down. Then it turned into me and Salar and Shakes with some mcabre brothers gonzo lyricism demos, which all bar one or two things got mcabre brothers gonzo lyricism. If you like Mcabre Brothers, you may also like:.


Not consciously headhunting anyone, if something pops up then maybe. Everyone was just completely down with the whole vibe at the time. Twitter feed themonitorscom Proper end of year lists appear at the END of the year. Rbothers I had never battled like that before, I felt like a twat, and on top of that, that guy was like the shittest rapper ever.

Share this article on: Bandcamp Album of the Day Mcabre brothers gonzo lyricism 20, One Of Those Lighthouse Tape by Trellion. Possibly some sort of slight autism. How did that happen? Superfly-Type Manoeuvres ft Bang Brother Unhealthily preoccupied with David Icke, Hunter S. Yeah, Tom Waits is a big influence, in a musical and literary sense. As Glastonbury kicks off yet again, we select the choicest acts to check out as you negotiate the mud baths and fallen hippies on Worthy Farm On one hand, the whole comradery, everybody supporting everybody and so on, helps a lot of groups get their name out and so on.

It was even when I was doing it though. His imagery is unparalleled.


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Dick as well to be honest. Gonzo Lyricism by Mcabre Brothers. His staggering sweatshop work ethic has gone unmatched in the past decade and his distinctive brand of paranoid and literate blunted black comedy remains fresh and vital. Brick Pelican is just a name brotbers sounded good.

It started with mabre Mic Assassin thing. Thompson and Philip K. They congregate occasionally when there is a UK hip-hop rap show on to smoke weed outside the club.

Gonzo Lyricism by Mcabre Brothers on Spotify

Which release are you most proud of? Dumbpack ft Dutch Master J The album was originally intended for physical release and then shelved due to various unforeseen bull shit. With sacrificial goats thrown into the mix, the Blah Ncabre is becoming more of a reality every day. What motivates your strong work ethic?