When you are alone do you play with him? But i can’t faster cause i’m not Speedy Gonzales. I can’t be like this and call the Firefighters Go to the bathroom if you can’t help it! I was holding a pig here,one there. Because the Blacks come cut in half not whole. You take a man.

manastirea de taici

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I was on the toilet. You have to let her a little until it begins to moan dee that’s when laugh. I recommend them with pleasure cause they are really tasty. Professor Ok, i stopped him! And afterwards he unties and consumes himself.

Vacanta Mare – Manastirea de taici 1997 (ACVILA)

Yeah,you’re all thinking of your ex lovers,you fuckers! You tie his hands behind him.

manastirea de taici

Throughout this atici he will introduce the first sketch of the show which is an absurd interview that usualy follows a leitmotif and may or may not have something to do with the show’s title. Because if he doesn’t tell me how should i know? Fane’s house is on fire!

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manastirea de taici

First of all good evening and second of all goodbye. However the group got back togheter inMade a show on stages and continued it’s activity on Kanal D. Like all goats make babies, trough photosynthesis.

Let’s get back to the things that are of our interest. This was already known and it didn’t make sense.

manastirea de taici

This Blacks have such a stinky accent that i didn’t realize. So i won’t say that he multiplied it cause it’s disgusting and manastiirea me lust.

He sleeps with the dog! However since he didn’t know what’s it called in Romanian he uses various masturbation euphemism. And if not can’t we play together as usual? But i can’t faster cause i’m not Speedy Gonzales.

Manastirea De Taici, Berceni

The group would also make 2 movies: And manzstirea is kept like that for 3 days,10 meters away from nudist girls. We’ll go tonight to the Disco Club,daddy will find you a kitty. How should i know what writer was sleeping with martens,sir? Make him say everything he stole from me!

The latter 2 quit the group however leaving it a 3 man band. Retrieved from ” manasfirea If Mitsy Pitsy was healthy she would have played with him.


Vacanta Mare – Manastirea de taici (ACVILA) – Super Clip

Maryon proposes Robin to have sex with her but Robin declines and chooses to masturbate instead Necenzurat also has a sketch about a woman who takes her sick cat to a gynecologist believing that she’s at the Vet and the doctor believes she is talking about her private parts. Romanian comedians Romanian comedy troupes Student comedy troupes Comedy musical groups Romanian satirists. And if he didn’t taoci tell him to bring the tables! Today only Radu Pietreanu is doing comedy, by doing stand up humor and also by making sketches with various younger comedians.

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