Edited by AmiiMii, 10 July – Originally Posted by woopywoopy23 so i just learnt this today and i figured out how to use it but when i actually use it in game nothing comes out for example. I don;t know why but Hackshield does kick me out sometimes because of it. I change f1 to W Well you can now make and combo like for example making the champ to spam Finger Offensive. Thanks to Keraam, the majority of this code is edited from his own, and it is much appreciated! Unknown July 17, at

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I don;t know why but Hackshield does kick me out sometimes because of it. If a user ran a macro that imitates bot’s job then the GM staff will treat the action as botting, simple as that. Casts Mana Mmacro and Heal Self.

Razor probably can do exactly the same on hardware, and would be undetectable in most cases i believe. Ragnarok Index April 7, at 1: Glad you are just another macrro with an opinion, even if a very limited one.


Macro/F1-F9/AutoHotKey/For all Game(You Can Also Edit By Yourself)

Would be a bit selfish to only use it for Macro hotkey ragnarok. Walks without holding the mouse down: For use with Ragnarok Online: Sign In Need an account? I’ve forgotten my password. I haven’t touched a mechanical keyboard in tens of years. George Malunes August 18, at 6: Anonymous December 11, at 4: Here’s my frankenstein code. I’ve thought about it, but it seems maco to much work, and ain’t nobody got time for that. It is important to mention user interaction is required ragnaeok the macro to be legal.

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There’s a huge difference between having to press a button and being able to play hands free. That’s the stuff that is banned. Bots should be prohibited obvious reasons.

F1- F9 works and spams keys, but it doesn’t click.

Then there are the multiboxers that play more than one account at a macro hotkey ragnarok on multiple ragnrok controlled from one machine. You currently have javascript disabled. As for any hardware keypad, keyboard, extra sensitive mouse, extra sensitive mouse with hotkeys made by Razer; it’s hardware.


I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password. Sign In Need an account? Making macro is now made easy, even if you don’t know Autohotkey. Lobo Marck October 28, at 6: This one I have is a corsair k70 silver cherry red mx keys and the full key rollover is crazy.

Good for targeted autocasting or planting.

Ragnarok Online – Easy Macro for Dummies – Ultimate Macro 2016

Several functions may not work. Ragnarok was a huge part of my htkey, but I’m ready to go on another chapter, farewell guys: What if I use the same script for RC that allows spamming a shortcut just by holding down a button? This script use the search function in storage to helps getting a series