This game tells the story of Random and Sarah before the events of Laxius Power. Get a Fierce Card in the lower left corner. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Cons It looks very old and confusing. Also good maps and stuff. Suprem Elf of the Sun She is Random’s girlfriend. It looks very old and confusing.

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The sequel to Laxius Power III follows the path of its predecessors and offers a number of quests and characters. Enter 68 and check a pot for Potatoes. The historian on the right will be give useful information much later in the game, so keep him in the back of your mind.

Liked the many people involved. Enter 43 laxius power 3 the man 5pp, then continue being ;ower thief you are and take pp from his barrel.

A saved game can be powwr to the next game, but the games can also be played as stand-alones. They eventually attack the Order but one of their friends, Sandy Richardson, is abducted.

Enter 46 and get a Tonic Tea from a pot. Heroes Never Dies release date: Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Cons It looks very old and confusing. Retrieved from ” https: Half-Goddess Luciana is a Half-Goddess, a very high rank for her age. Views Read Edit View history. This item will only be visible to laxius power 3, admins, and anyone 33 as a creator.


Laxius Power III: The Final Terror

The Last Stand [www. Select type of offense: The last game in the series features the meeting of Random with the Grand Commendanter. Enter 83 and get a sidequest. It is only visible to you. The result is two attacks, one with a poisonous creature called Aliener; laxius power 3 creature makes Random extremely sick to the point of death. Leave the room and go south powsr the wall, walk west and you should find a chest hidden there containing ppthen go lxius and upstairs.

What he does not know, though, is that this investigation will lead him to a 14 days adventure against a new species of Demons – the Cenodemons. Also, you might want to change the compability of the game from the older Windows to the recent laxius power 3. Don’t worry about tonic teas. Therefore, both attempts narrowly fail. The combat system is par for the course for this type of game, but the story is what this game focuses on.


Enter 62, have Herasia talk to the cat here, it’s another sidequest. After a time of hurt and self-doubt, Luciana decides to rejoin her friends as a fighter.

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She likes having fun, sometimes being very imprudent. These three are Random Pendragon, a reckless and fame-loving swordsman; Sarah Brandolino, a snobby High Elf of Indinera; and Luciana Vincenti, a meek and weak girl but also a laxius power 3 intelligent, cautious and a powerful spellcaster. You don’t have to do every sidequest in the same order as i wrote them, or same characters as me, i’m just recording it as laxihs play, most people will do it differently.

Enter 51 laxihs get lasius Lycose Pearl from a barrel on the left. I hope this iinformation also help: Jayisgames said, “Laxius Force does a great job of evoking that mids feeling without bringing back the pitfalls that haunt me to this day level grinding, cheap enemies, laxius power 3.