This displays the current Time Constant. This functions allows greater axis speeds, due to inertial limits of steppers andaxis mechanics. These two parameters set numerical format of the coordinate data from the Excellon datafile. PortSetup This function opens the port setup window. An unlimited number of Machine setups can be stored and reloaded.

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Execute Dwells When checked, the Kcam4 window redraw functions will execute dwell commands. When selected it will expect a leading zero format from the datacoordinates. Backlash is the play in the threads between the drive nut and threaded rod on an axis.

This calibration data adjusts the axis velocities for accuratemotion. If tool bits are specified in the Tool List window and tool commands are used in Gcode, this default value is not used unless the Force Plot Bit Radius above isselected. The number of increasing radiuspasses. This can be used to slow down cutting feed rates during anoperation.

Used kcam4 engraving for cutting letters kcam4. Home Validation is the kcam4 of reseting the position counters by finding the limitswitches. Slow IPM is the feed rate the axis will recheck the limitpositions.


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Default Dwell Time This is the dwell time parameter that importing functions use for inserting dwellinstructions into theGcode. Sets which model of MaxStepperis connected. The Auto tune button performs “on the fly” System Time Kcam4 adjustments for parallel port users. This function opens the port setup window. The axis direction is normal when kcam4 to False.

The Homing without validation axis sequence isas follows: A maximum of tool sizes can be saved in each file. Otherwise a screen resolution of x or greater isrecommended. This function opens the Gcode Editor window. Load Default Kcam4 This function loads the default form size kcam4 positions.


This displays the current Spindlestate. Convert to Incrementa kcam4 Window. The Enable function is optional and some controller don’t use it. Gcode saving is disabled Gcode lines are limited to The kcam4 per step increment used whenramping. When a corner or side of a polygon is inside two or more other polygons, extra cutlines areproduced. This functions allows greater axis speeds, due to inertial limits of steppers andaxis mechanics.


Registration information can be entered to allow full kcam4 of the software and kcam4 time limits. Estimated Material Process Time. The number represents an absolute feedrate. If Unchecked, the tool path will not be plotted automatically.

Discard Minimum Line soption. The plot will be adjusted so that the location selected will now be in kvam4 center of the plotwindow. In that window you can select which layers you want to import. When the keys are released the axis will stop immediately. This function saves the machine setup to a storage file for later use.

Passes to Depth This is the number of times or passes the entities are cut into the material.