For example, the Frequency Report window updates itself with new information when you add codes or code new information, or when you open a different study. Researchware has been in the business of bringing people simply powerful tools for qualitative data analysis for more than 25 years. First download the Free Limited Edition appropriate to your operating system and install it. Download the Free Limited Edition from the links below. Please enter your last name. Codes are shown in the first column, and there is a column for each case showing the number of times the code was used in that case.

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Purchase a license key at our special upgrade price. You can find them here. Then all you have to do is download the software, enter the license key, and start working.

You can open study files from previous versions in 4. Sign up for Researchware emails and be the first to learn about exclusive offers, product upgrades, and promotions.

This release continues Researchware’s commitment to quality products and customer service, while enhancing the customer experience through a variety of feature updates, improvements, and added benefits not available in prior versions. You and your colleagues live in a cross-platform world, and hyperresearch software should your research tools. Customer Advocate Researchware, Inc. The Free Softdare is fully functional, with the following limits:. Researchware has been in the business hyperreseaech bringing people simply powerful tools for qualitative data analysis hyperresearch software more than 25 years.



Please enter your email again. Explore our Technical Notes and documentation for in-depth articles on topics from organization to analysis. Codes are shown in the first column, and there is hyperresearfh column for each case showing the number of hyperresearch software the code was used in that case.

Retrieved from ” https: Table-style reports can be exported as Excel.

Use the controls to change the coded portion in the way that best works for you:. Contact technical support for personal help. Please enter your email address. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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Interested in a particular feature? HyperResearch Reviews Recently Reviewed! Wildcards are special characters that you can use to stand for unknown characters in a search phrase. This way, you can code PDF articles or other text on your tablet in a coffee shop, on the subway, and later at hyperresearch software on hypedresearch powerful full-size PC. This works like a selection in an image source. HyperResearch has allowed me to undertake the coding and analysis of several large qualitative data projects.


Full feature equality means you’ll never be frustrated by softward on the “wrong” system—all our features work the same way, whether you prefer Mac hyperresearch software Windows.

Buy once, use anywhere. Each case can have no more than 50 code references. New formats for exporting reports: The size and complexity of your study is limited, but otherwise, you can access all the features. Please enter a valid email address.


Hyperresearch software placing this tag, consider associating this request with a WikiProject. If you click one of the links above, and instead of the download starting, you see a page of symbols, try Control-clicking or Hyperresearch software hyperresearfh link. Intercoder Reliability for quantifying the degree to which different coders agree or disagree Advanced Filters for locating concurrent code references, and finding code references whose source material includes a particular word or phrase HyperRESEARCH now supports using PDFs as sources.

HyperResearch 4 is less expensive than the other major QDA software developers and has a far less restrictive license. WindowsMac OS X.