Exe status stopped hi, once i get that kernal update what is the procdure for updating it secondly i have installed the gui and after entering the required values for stand alone system i cant login. Here is what i did to download an internal table to xslx format works for xls aso. Make sure the hdl server is running on your ps2 at this point. So this Hdldump util should allow the loading of imports just fine. In this case C: A game would start to install but then fail less than halfway through.

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Below this is a longer version Over to the PS2.

You must log in or register to reply here. Wario64 works for Gamestop lol Jul 22, Jun 7, 17, 0 0. I play them with no problem, because thankfully they’re fully compatible with the HDloader. This will ruin the PS2 hcl.

In which case no, you only would require it to get started. Jun 8, 3, 1 0.

How To: Softmod Your PS2 (HDD, Backups, Homebrew Software, etc)

Faceless master or Tenchir could probably confirm if it works or not. Burger Member Jul 22, I have never really done anything like this before, is it that hard to install a hard drive and set it to all these settings and such slave and master? Good point and that’s good to know, but I suppose I wasn’t clear on my question.


And finally will the hard drive work differently in the ps2 after its been connected to the pc already. You can add additional menu transaction in the sap main menu without affecting the original sap default area menu s Dacoco, the biggest hassle, really, is removing hdl dump ps2 re-attaching hsl drive from and to a PS2.


Help: HDL Dumb IP problem

This threshold is variable, could be between 2k hdl dump ps2 32k usually 4k or 8k depending on the db system. Several functions may not work. I’m not too eager to do that now that I’ve read the game may not even work which is weird, as regular MGS2 definitely works, although that same site claims it doesn’t – but then again they claim GTA: Now, will this work with the CD version of Contra: Which one do I want to be using and why? Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. OK, I’ve tested the whole thing, and so far I must say it’s a complete success.


Also, my router hdl dump ps2 and automatically resets itselfs.

Help: HDL Dumb IP problem | – The Independent Video Game Community

Yeah, I have some games I’d like to take off and put on but I’m too lazy to take it out of the PS2 and try and get it connected to my PC again. Jun 30, 9, 23 1, 50 Mohave Valley Arizona. What you will hdl dump ps2 Might come in handy in the future.

I need HDLoader quick! So, here’s a few questions What does this offer over just using a memory card with Hdl dump ps2 McBoot already on it? It took some fooling around to get it to work. Udl sure on the pal-ntsc-jap thing tho.

Is that still true with OPL 0. Wait for the gameshark to reach the main menu.