For more details see the page http: Unzip GSview to a temporary directory, change to the gsview2 subdirectory, place gsos2. For Ghostscript, read the file gsN. Please distinguish between bugs in GSview and bugs in Ghostscript, by making sure that the problem only occurs when using GSview, and not when using Ghostscript alone. You also be able to use rpmbuild -ta gsview

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This licence does not require any payment to the author; however the author would welcome any registrations of GSview to cover costs and time gsview 4.9 in developing and maintaining GSview. See the licence in pstotext.

If gsview 4.9 don’t like automatic installation programs, it is possible to install GSview and Ghostscript manually. Unzip GSview to a temporary directory, change to the gsview2 subdirectory, place gsos2. First install the GPL Ghostscript self extracting archive gsw At the moment we use the size of the scroll window less the two scroll bars.

GSview Download (Free) – gsviewexe

If this date has passed, send mail to gsview at ghostgum. Ghostscript is an interpreter for the PostScript page description language used by laser printers.


The GPL Ghostscript executables are c: GSview requires Ghostscript 7. X11 GSview is written by a novice at X Windows programming.

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The latest version of GSview should be available from ftp: GSview on Unix uses the Ghostscript shared object. To build the ghostscript shared object files, use ‘. Thomas Pfeiffer and Mrs. For Ghostscript, read the file gsN.

GSview Readme

GSview uses zlib 1. Your system Fonts folder will gsview 4.9 be modified. By default, GPL Ghostscript is installed in the directory c: GSview can be registered online at http: The Ghostscript fonts are used by Ghostscript alone. GSview uses pstotext in an external DLL. It will not run on the more common bit Windows XP.

For a list of known bugs, see http: By default, GSview is installed in gsviea directory c: Ghostgum Software prefers that you use the online registration. When reporting bugs, please include the version number and date of GSview from the Help About boxgsview 4.9 version number of Ghostscript, and the exact wording of any error messages.


Thomas Hoffmann for updates. If you wish to use install GSview without any prompts, give a destination directory on the command line. Drawing especially over gsview 4.9 network when using anti-aliased gssview should be faster. If these do not exist, GSview will assume that Ghostscript is in an adjacent directory to GSview, usually c: You will need to obtain pstoedit separately from the pstoedit homepage http: For GSview, read gsview 4.9 file gsviewen.

Unzip the sources as follows to convert the line endings: If you don’t have the ghostscript shared object, you must first install Ghostscript, then the additional shared object files. You also be able to use rpmbuild -ta gsview