It was the song I always listened to, skipping the intro and Bergtollets Hevn. I really had to rate his vocal skills again after hearing this album. Infernus, during this time, had an uncanny ability to tap into a world of uninhibited curiosity, emotional journeys, and great discoveries. As I mentioned, “Gorgoroth” has a powerful Windir vibe to it, and “Sorg” sounds like Infernus was pushing his composition chops further a step. And with no one else on vocals aside from him this time, the album feels much more tuned and I think that largely has to do with how solid the line up was.

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For some closure, I have to say that all of the tracks in this album absolutely stuck with me.

Gorgoroth – Antichrist – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Beginning with a thunderstorm and church bells, then pushing into a state of bleakness, with strung out shrieks and even some singing that gives the piece a feeling delicacy.

Sorry, but 1 great song and 2 good songs can’t save this album from being a total disaster in my eyes. It is the perfect blend of brutality, melody, and conception. The chorus is also made in a very sing along shape so prepare to bang and gorgoroth antichrist like a stupid cunt. Heavens Fall is a fairly fast instrumental which displays some great melodies partway in. The bass definitely adds a dimension and a thickness gorgoroth antichrist these amazing songs.

To find a deep feeling, one must make music that has an overall sense of instrumental power; however, the attempt to structuralize such mood is systemically annihilated by nearly everything.

But there are other tracks that are nearly as great: I place this song as the reason Antichrist gets such a high rating, because it is indeed a great song.


It was the song I always listened to, skipping the intro and Bergtollets Hevn. And with no one else on vocals aside from him this time, the album feels much gorgoroth antichrist tuned and I think that largely has to do with how solid the line up was.

Almost all gorgoroth antichrist sound fast, and ear-pounding Then the brutal madness goes back with a fast tapping solo together with some nicely tempo breaks. This album is where people should start off if they wish to get borgoroth Gorgoroth; but it is in their next release that Gorgoroth reached their peak.

HumanAugust 21st, Great song, and great way to gorgoroth antichrist an album. Gorgoroth’s sophomore effort is definitely a source of mixed opinions among black metal enthusiasts.


FerturiApril 16th, Antichrist totally lacks flow and momentum, but gorgoroth antichrist not to say the individual songs aren’t solid. My opinion of Gorgoroth antichrist first album is that it’s essentially unbeatable perfection, but having acquired ‘Antichrist’, I have gorgorlth say that their sophomore release honestly gives that seminal debut a legitimate run for its money. Gorgoroth would employ these slight distinctions from song to song on Under the Sign of Hell. As the sole songwriter this time around, he’s easily the highlight on Antichrist.

The primitive, signature production has been retained from the debut, yet has been reinterpreted in a slightly clearer way. The first thing to notice is that all of the tracks gorgoroth antichrist composed by guitarist Infernus, while more gorgoroth antichrist half of the tracks in the debut were composed by then-drummer Goat Pervertor.


SuperVeji4July 15th, And fuck, is it good! I often mentioned the great use gorgoroth antichrist the bass that can be found here, and that’s because the bass can be heard very clearly, just like everything else. The album begins with short intro which leading to the opener ‘Bergtrollets Hevn’, rush with moderate power chords strumming and gororoth with a melodic yet harsh riffing.

They are not very loud for the most partbut in a way in this album it works. During a break between the two verses, Hat even performs clean vocals – very quiet, almost whispered, somewhere on the line between sorrowful and menacing. It is the best gorgorot on this album no surprise there, right, Infernus?


This album has all the gorgoroth antichrist of Pentagram but are enhanced to greater heights, making it anticrist better release by far. They have that demonic feel to them that most black metal fans love. This really epitomizes all the qualities one looks for in a great black metal release and also brings some new elements that you don’t usually find into the mix.

For any black metal fan, it is a mandatory album to acquire, end of discussion. Music is meant to stimulate the wonder and power of things not easily explained, whether it’s seen or unseen, conscious or unconscious.