She gets a new apartment close to the sea and in the prologue Makoto moves in with her to help save on costs. Ryou-kun and Aya have been happily together until Ryou-kun asks Aya to think seriously about their affairs. She allows him to do whatever he wants as long as there is no kissing or intercourse because she then thinks of her husband. The next morning Aya learns that Haruna has a classical music competition to attend. Is Shinirou the one who did it?

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Shinichirou is a client at Aroma Park Hotel where Aya works. But at the end, all right, the couple look happy enough.

Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida

Then Asano just appears. Kamio is a stylist. She tells him to stop taking it all on himself and kanmjri rely on her for once since she is his wife after all. Right after the door closes, Kamio begins the whole thing.

Otome Game Review: Gin no Kanmuri, Ao no Namida

Yea and Ryo just happens to be that someone. Suddenly Shinichirou cries out to her not to come near him. Since Shinichiro begins disappearing for work again and Aya starts getting those weird stalkers because of his job and the mail openers she begins to get desperate for SOMEONE to hold her. Right there the car comes and crashes him. You are commenting using your WordPress.


I liked him more than Ryo because he was a little more laid back and less angsty. The end felt really out of character. I think Asano is even more likable than in his own route. The final CG is so sweet that the whole thing so far seems a lie to us. First Shinichirou apologizes to Aya. So, Asano says he himself would also be patient until Shinichirou comes. Ubukai Tokunori Suwabe Junichi I played him first because he looked hot.

Shinichirou says gin no kanmuri ao no namida three of them need to find a new bigger house and live happy ever after together. Leaving his home at about 7th grade, this delightful offer on brings him to tears. But the 3P route kind of lightens the whole namda up. The CGs in every route are hot really. Aya becomes scared only the sight of him for a good reason. Some time later he calls her on the phone and Aya admits that without him, she feels lonely.

Asano also tells Aya how Shinichirou sent all his bodyguards to protect her instead and left none for himself. After that, the guys keep teasing one another and all of them look happy enough. I liked Makoto and Ryo, and the rest well bleh. The cut is quite serious and they have to take care of it immediately. One day Ryo kanmurj Aya that he wants her to break up with Shinichiro because he wants to properly date her and have her be only his.


Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida – Otome Game – Visual Novel (Aromarie) |

Aya uses this opportunity to run away. Overall I really liked Makoto, he was cute and sweet and really funny. Ryo — Ryo is a hot young stud that a cougar such as yourself is after. At her apartment Aya makes her move first and Ryou-kun has been too deeply in love with her to refuse.

I would sorta zone out at times and go surf the web while the auto-dialogue went on. Marriage would bind her with him something like that.