Two-way data in table format 2. Such genotype has very minimum contribution to both G and GE interaction. GE interaction is related to component of yield variation across environments for a genotype that can not be explained either by G or E alone Yan and Hunt, In this regard, genotype I and K performed well in E6 and E3 than in others. Beside this, high heritability is useful in the selection of high yielding genotypes. International Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics, 5: Genotype and environment code, mean grain yield t ha -1 and test environment mean t ha -1 of 18 barley genotypes tested across 11 environments in Bale highlands of Southeastern Ethiopia, E1:

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AMMI analysis of genotype-environment interactions for cereals in Italy. The length of concentric circles on the biplot helps to gge biplot full version the length of the environment vectors which is proportional to standard deviation with in the respective environments on the biplot and also shows the discriminating ability of the environments Yan and Tinker, Thus, E7 Upper Dinsho was less useful test environment may be due to unfavorable rainfall condition.

Federal democratic republic Ethiopia: The presence of cross over GEI shows the existence of different mega environment in which different winning genotypes can be selected.

GGE biplot analysis using PBTools

Generating the best linear predictive model 5. The data can be in any of the following formats, and the data file can be directly saved from an Excel spreadsheet: Selection in the target environment verskon production and productivity of the crop through reducing yield loss that could happen by growing the variety where it would have been inferior.


Tester-centered model GGE1 3. On the other hand, gge biplot full version A having very short vector and nearer to the biplot origin has very minimum contribution to both G and GEI. Eighteen food barley genotypes with inclusion of two cultivars Aruso local and Shage standard cultivar were evaluated across 11 barley growing environments in randomized complete block design with four replications in Bale highlands of Southeastern Ethiopia from to Bona season from July-December cropping season.

Comparison between two barley genotypes: Unlike PC1, the environmental PC2 scores had only positive scores. In addition to this, maturity and temperature difference may be suggested as another causes of cross over GEI in these areas.

GxE interaction is used to determine if a genotype is widely adapted for a wide range of environmental conditions or selected for different subenvironments. This conforms to Yan and Tinker report. Thus, genotypes that had PC1 scores greater than zero were high yielding except genotype C while genotypes that had PC1 less than zero scores were identified as lower yielding or non adaptable except genotype O Table 2. Tester-standard error standardized GGE3.

Genotype x Environment Interactions. An ideal genotype should have both high mean yield performance and high stability across environments Kaya et al. Gge biplot full version Registration Bulletin, There are other functions useful for independent culling gge biplot full version diallel cross data analysis.

The results include both image and numerical outputs, which can be used directly in publications and presentations. A log file that recording the process of the graphical analysis.

GGE biplot analysis using PBTools [2014]

The vertex genotypes in each sector is also the best genotype for cersion whose markers fell in to the respective sector so that sites with in the same sector share the same winning genotype Yan,; Yan et al.


This give rise to non cross over GEI, leading to consistent genotype yield performance gge biplot full version environment. Free switch among FIVE alternative models and beyond. Such genotype has very minimum contribution to both G and GE interaction. The polygon is formed by connecting the markers of genotypes that are further gge biplot full version from the biplot origin such that all genotypes are contained in the polygon Kaya et al. Tests for crossover genotype-environmental interactions.

The highest yielder in E5 was genotype B followed by I, in contrast to this, genotype Q gave inferior yield. Barley genotypes were developed from barley collections from Bale areas and Institute of Biodiversity conservation through barley landrace enhancement program at Sinana Agricultural Researcher Center. The presence of GEI complicates the selection process as GEI reduces the usefulness of genotypes by confounding their yield performance Pham and Kang, through minimizing the association between genotype and phenotype Comstock and Moll, The concentric circles following gbe test environment except E11 and E7 were favorable environments.

GGE-biplot which depends on environment focused scaling was portrayed to estimate the pattern of environments Fig.