Is it ok to update over the air? Did this solve your problem? Wow, it looks good, no problems so far, love the new keyboard, still browsing around, everything seems ok, speed is definately improved, it wasn’t slow before, but now it’s really fast, no lag anywhere. How satisfied are you with this reply? About the Author Author Profile Hey, thanks for reading my post.

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This thread is locked. Update is available over the air.

Free Font Nokia C6-01 Apps

That is why the Nokia industry also produced the Nokia c I have heard quick office and pdf reader are gone. And one of the C7 user has reported secondary camera not working.

In reply to chanchan05’s post on August 18, More Nokia c unlocked Digital Camera Review High Definition Call Capabilities The touch screen mobile phones magniifer offer a lot of great features have been the choice of many people these days.

This is not complicated at all. I hope there is no problem of magnnifier sort in C After, rename each one to have the exact names as shown below.

Download Free Symbian Application Font Zoomer Lite

You can download fonts online just google for them or find them on your pc. Is it ok to update over the air? Given the size of the update which is 26 MB, I am a bit apprehensive. As what the Nokia stated, this new mobile phone has really enhanced functionality not more than the surface. We do nokiw encourage font magnifier for nokia c6-01 condone maghifier use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.


When I can, I blog here at mynokiablog. Via OTA over the airthere are no updates Paste your font there. Do you recommend it? No problem downloading via OTA, I have a 1MB 3G connection, didn’t take that long, the phone re-started once, and Anna was installed, looks really jagnifier. Now you have font size solution which is called Psiloc Font Magnifier.

Font Magnifier for Symbian – Download

Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Psiloc Font Magnifier is a unique application which lets you change the size of all system fonts on your mobile phone. Bright Light Touch Use your Nokia phone as a flashlight.

I have the same question 0. Font Magnifier is really easy to install and use, with flnt sizes changed by a scrolling bar and a preview of how big the font magnifier for nokia c6-01 text will be. The font size can be increased or decreased as required as soon as the license is enabled, even though it is required to have a one-off data connection in order to get a free lifetime license.


The biggest edge of the c unlocked is the Symbian3 operating system that offers a familiar feel for existing Nokia avid users even though the Apple and Android users may perhaps perceive this v6-01 as an outdated one.

When the users try to tap on the Options soft button, it allows them to view lots of helpful features such as the recent calls, contact font magnifier for nokia c6-01, speed dial, contact search, editing. I faced problems after updating my C Now make four copies of it. The narrow Nokia font made sense in older phones when mqgnifier to conserve on pixel usage. Since the c unlocked is equipped with the social applications, it allows the users to link with their friends details in the Magnifiee application by using the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sorry this didn’t help. Download Font Magnifier 2.